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  1. This is a 12 team points league. I am way stronger at 1B/3B than 2B/SS. So I’m trying to trade. Would me giving Donaldson for Dee Gordon be too much? It feels like Donaldson has more value to me, but he hasn’t been amazing this season. BTW our scoring is ESPN’s default, except steals are 2 points instead of 1. Donaldson still SHOULD score more than Gordon, but he hasn’t been scoring more so far. WHIR
  2. We get 2 keepers based on the round that we got them. So if Buehler was great he would be a really good keeper. I do have bellinger who I can keep late and Gleyber who I can keep really late too though.
  3. It's a 12 team league if that makes a difference. I'm also 0-3 currently.
  4. Pivetta looks like the best bet to me right now
  5. Should I drop Jordan Montgomery or Danny Duffy for Walker Buehler? Being on a better team makes me lean towards keeping montgomery. Its a points league and wins are +5, losses are -5 WHIR
  6. I think those are both pretty decent offers. Especially with this guys team struggling I don't think they're lopsided.
  7. Yeah to clarify, I would be able to keep Gleybar in the 25th round
  8. Well if he takes up 2 roster spots, like the guy before me said, I probably wouldn't. If he only takes up 1 I mayyybe would, depends on how you think he will adjust to the league adjusting to him. Also your closers are really good and like you said there will still be plenty of new closers throughout the year so you could afford to deal Devenski. So I think if he takes 2 roster spots I wouldn't, but if he only takes 1 like in ESPN then I think it's reasonable
  9. Yeah I think I would make this trade
  10. This is a 12 team points league, we can keep 2 guys based on round we got them. Right now my 2b, SS, and 2b/ss are Kingery, Cozart, and Ketel Marte so not great but decent. Gleyber is available and with rumors about him getting the call soon I am thinking about grabbing him before it is too late. My potential drops are Ketel Marte, Jordan Montgomery, and Miles Mikolas. Who would you guys drop? My pitching isn't great and I like Montgomery's W's potential on the yankees...also like Mikolas' start against the Reds this week and he's been solid. But should I drop Marte for Torres when
  11. This is a 12 team points league. Ok so I need a 2B/SS and Ketel Marte is available, and I don't know how much longer he will be available. Who do I drop? I'm deciding between Mikolas, Sean Newcomb, and Hader....I don't really wanna drop Hader as even though he doesn't get a lot of saves he usually pitches more than one inning and he is racking up strikeouts so still getting decent points. Then between Newcomb and Mikolas...Newcomb has more upside I think but short term Mikolas gets to face the reds again next week. So I don't know what to do but I currently have nobody at my 2B/SS spot so I th
  12. He's been pretty bad so far. Only one hit
  13. Any guesses on when knebel will be put on the DL? Is there really any benefit in them waiting to put him on
  14. Mariners are really hitting Gibson, 6 hits already. 2 errors as well don't help.
  15. Not a great first inning today for Kyle Gibson..3 hits and 2 runs. Sano did have an error though.
  16. I think I would probably rather have Keuchel
  17. True that Odor has less value in a points league, and Rosario's batting average has been better so far however Rosario still has more strikeouts in less AB's than Odor...
  18. This is a 12 team Points League. We can keep 2 guys each year based on the round you picked them. We start 1 2b, 1 SS, and 1 2b/SS, so 3 middle infielders total, I currently have Kingery, Amed Rosario, and Zack Cozart. So I might need MI help if Kingery and/or Rosario don't work out. I have the #4 overall waiver, should I use this on odor and drop Rosario for him? Or should I hope he clears waivers? It doesn't seem all that likely that he would clear waivers in a 12 team league right? Thanks WHIR
  19. So are the Mets/Phillies gonna get their game in tonight?
  20. Anyone starting Ty Blach today? I'm thinking about streaming but I don't know if I trust him
  21. I agree with the main concerns you guys have brought up, if I had a real ace to push archer to #2 and everyone else back I would feel better there but yeah batters generally score more than pitchers. Also I’m not super worried about Kingery, he could be solid otherwise I think I can find a passable 2B. I can’t really afford to cut Kepler until acuna comes up cause I need him to fill my outfield, but I figure once acuna comes up I can evaluate my middle infield and possibly replace Kepler with a 2B/SS
  22. Looks pretty good, I think whit will be good he has been good both years since he got called up. Not a huge fan of your relievers..Herrera could be a bounce back guy but he was pretty shaky last year and won’t get a ton of save opportunities
  23. I would probably grab Kingery. I would grab him before deshields I think, he will most likely be in higher demand. Pitching staff looks really good. Maybe trade a closer? Seems like you have a lot
  24. Yeah I think your team looks really solid. Any of those guys you mentioned or even wacha would be good guys to take a chance on I think
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