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  1. What would Hurts starting (or playing more) do to Reagor's outlook?
  2. He's terrible. He's slow, doesn't make any tough plays and he doesn't even use his size as an advantage.
  3. I have Evans vs Kupp, losing by 6. Not good.
  4. Who gets the start this week? Half-PPR. Curtis Samuel vs DET Mecole Hardman @ LV Jalen Reagor @ CLE WHIR, leave a link.
  5. I'd do it. Your team is deep and I like Henry's playoff schedule.
  6. Who would you guys drop between Curtis Samuel and Allen Lazard in half-ppr format? I want to pick up a DST for next week and these are my only 2 drop candidates. Keep Lazard hoping he gets back to form for playoffs? What say you? WHIR leave a link.
  7. I'm starting him if he's active. Allen Robinson on bye and don't want to play Samuel or Reagor...
  8. Starting over Crowder half PPR FWIW. I like his floor this week.
  9. How dare you speak the truth? Brady is GOAT! You forgot to mention he also has a superior o-line that's been healthy all season.
  10. Hoping the Packers not pulling the trigger on Fuller means Lazard is close to being ready.
  11. I already own him in 2 of 3 leagues and waiting on a few injury updates in the other. I hope he goes bonkers on the 'boys! ROS schedule looks pretty good.
  12. So funny how opinions change so quickly. People claimed that if Cam was playing week 4 the Pats would've beaten KC but yet he's the ''worst player ever'' while having to throw to a bunch of s---y weapons that don't get any separation and a mess of an o-line. He was awful last week but it's not all on him. Wondering why people who call him the most overrated player ever are even in this thread, it's not like you would roster him if that's the case right?
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