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  1. Who else do they have until Strasburg comes back?
  2. Orioles won, good, time for another losing streak.
  3. Sinker was 96-97 MPH today. He looked more like his old self.
  4. Mark Reynolds tonight: 5-5, 3 R, 2 HR, 10 RBI. WOW.
  5. Chris Davis isn't any good with out his Adderall, that was a red flag to start with.
  6. Fine DFA him, nobody is going to pick up his contract.
  7. Chris Davis benched indefinitely. Why? Can he not be sent to the minors to work things out?
  8. He's under contract, I'd have him dress as a regular clown and go to Insane Clown Concert events.
  9. Can the O's make him the richest AAA player ever?
  10. "[Szymborski] It's pretty frightening to be on an "on-pace-for" the worst season of all-time by a large margin when you're nearing mid-June. Chris Davis's on-pace-for in fWAR would rank him 81892 out of 81892 player-seasons since 1901. By NEARLY A FULL WIN."
  11. If he feels undeserved, he should give back the money! Detroit wants a refund. As do I with Chris Davis.
  12. O's ain't going anywhere, who wants him?
  13. Just imagine how could he could be if he ever stayed healthy.
  14. I like Chad Green to close, but won't happen if Chapman is down.
  15. LOL, that's like saying, we won't drink beer and eat fried chicken on days we pitch.
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