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  1. That's an impressive company, however I believe LT2's 2006 season remains by far the greatest fantasy season ever, QBs included.
  2. I was out yesterday and could not comment. I made an assessment based on the running game and I own to it. Obviously Gurley is very talented and overcame those challenges - worth pointing out that what got it going was the passing game though. Nevertheless, a wonderful performance from Mr Gurley and obviously won many people a lot of championships this week. He also finished with over 100 rushing yards for the game as the only 100 YD rusher TEn d has allowed this year, which further evidence of great season. I have nothing for or against Gurley as I neither own nor faced this week, just an hon
  3. If I want Rodgers to get another ring in his career, the entire regime in GB has to go - from GM on. I'm afraid it's not gonna happen.
  4. Top run defense, playing at home pretty much with their season on the line. LAR are euphoric from perhaps their biggest win of the season. They have their division locked up. Not nearly as much motivation to win as Ten, and also young team who can get rattled from a hostile environment especially if they fall behind as I expect. I expect a similar game to the Viking game.
  5. Whoever expects Gurley to get 25-30 pts in this game is paying too much attention to the prediction of yahoos or the espn bozos. This game has trap written all over for the Rams and especially Gurley who is going to get the Dick LeBeau special treatment, which means he ain't running anywhere. This is a tough game for the LAR, a low scoring game, that will end up decided by a score or so. I predict Ten to win 17-13 or 20-17 and Gurley about 60 total yds and maybe 1 TD. 15 pts should be a ceiling for him in this game in ppr.
  6. I'm not saying that. But I'm just trying to lay out some observations that people need to consider going into this game so they don't start counting the chicken. If you know a thing about Dick LeBeau, is that he is the guy who will shut down your running game. It's been a constant throughout his career. You go look at the run Ds he has put together, from the Steelers on to Titans. He is not going to let anyone run, and that's pretty much a fact.
  7. I don't know where you get this. The Titans have not allowed one single 100 yd rushed this year, home or away. At home they are especially tough against the run, as opposing rushers average about 50 ypg. They have faced elite rushers like Fournette and LVB on the road, who have done very little against the Titans D. Gurley is very good, but fans can really get irrational based on him running like he pleased against no Chancellor, No Sherman, and Bobby Wagner on one leg.. TEN is playing the season. I have a feeling the Rams will be in for a very tough game, which they will most likely lose. I a
  8. So you would rather hear only how great he is. You should go to his facebook page bud.
  9. Adams will be put on IR before Sunday. GB is run by idiots, but even they are not as dumb as to play a player who already had two concussions this year (from two of the the most disgusting hits this year) in two meaningless games. He is following Rodgers right into vacation.
  10. I hate to rain on Gurley parade, but TEN is a top three defense against the run. They may get beat, but they are not going to let TG3 beat them. Don't expect the same tomlinsonesque numbers he put up against an orphan Seattle D. TEN will make a stand and dare Goff beat them.
  11. Sit AJ. The team has mailed it in. He has mailed it in. They are not even trying to play. Detroit is playing for postseason. They will shut him down.
  12. Read the tea leaves fellas. You start your studs if they are playing for something. What exactly is Cinci playing for in Minnesota? Nothing. Minny on the other hand is playing for something big. Star WR or not, motivation to perform great counts here. And there is no motivation in Cinci. They have mailed it in. Lewis is gone, AJG doesn't care, mentality is why bother. If you have a viable option, you'd be crazy not to consider it.
  13. They have, but they will come after the QB. And GB QBs are amongst the most sacked QBs in the league. Only Indy and Arizona have worse protection than GB. A guy that comes from a broken collarbone - not a good combination to be in if you catch my drift.
  14. I'm worried about Rodgers against Carolina. The Panthers are one of the most aggressive defenses in football. They are a very solid defense against the pass that loves to swarm opposing quarterbacks. They are third in NFL in sacks. They don't have great ballhawkers but they don't allow many yards in the air either. I am worried that the Pack OLine will not be able to handle the Panthers pass rush. Rodgers tends to prolong his release to allow the play to develop. In this game, he needs to get rid of football quickly. If I were a betting man, I would say that Devante has a great game and Jordy
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