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  1. i hate the way jon gruden rotates his backs like jacobs isnt a stud
  2. i need tee higgins to get less than 3 ppr points to make it to the ship....not gonna happen
  3. the f--- is this **** i need gallman to outscore tee higgins and this aint the way kitchens you ******** bum
  4. so ******** sick of this bullshit, have cmc and mixon who do jack **** all year ******** long run into the aaron jones + cook owner and now im gonna get butt ****** out of the playoffs
  5. why don't they throw it to him more? he looked great with the ball in his hands isolated 1 on 1
  6. no choice but to run him out with jacobs, mixon, and cmc out
  7. good thing youre not getting paid to give your opinion, yikes
  8. hes definitely a monster, i'm just sick of hearing about it 24/7, talk about something else we're all burned out
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