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  1. Interesting article on Suarez... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.fantraxhq.com/heating-up-or-benchwarmer-trent-grisham-and-eugenio-suarez/amp/
  2. First, would like to say Thanks to all the regular posters in the MILB Forum... over the years, I've been able to stockpile some very good minor league players in my limited keeper league with all the insights and analysis on up and coming players you guys provide! You've given me a huge leg up on the other owners who don't pay as much attention to minor league guys. So that leads me to having a question. I'll have the 10th pick in our upcoming minor league draft and, long story short, I'd need to drop Vidal Brujan to make that pick or just keep Brujan (have Franco and Gore as my other two
  3. If he was transferred from minor league DL to the major league DL, anyone know why CBS doesn't allow him to be placed in a DL spot? Emailed CBS and they said once the official move is made it can take 24-48hrs, but it was Saturday when they announced it.
  4. Flaherty has throw like 30 pitches this inning. Polanco 10 pitch AB didn't help
  5. Well, through the first 3 weeks the Rams and Gurley have proven me completely wrong.... Crow doesn't taste so bad when you own shares of him!
  6. As I mentioned earlier, Gurley is the only option on that team. They will continue to feed him that ball which will keep his floor as an RB2 because they have no choice. He was also a top pick so they aren't going to pull him for some scrub. Please don't read into my comments that I think Gurley is a bad player or lacks talent. He has the pedigree and has shown flashes. I believe a large part, not all, of his failure last year was the team around him was just really bad. My fear is that this has not changed dramatically. Fournette was the 4th pick. I'll say again, the 4th pic
  7. Fournette's NFL production is obviously a complete unknown at this point but taking him before Gurley is no stretch. In my 1/2 ppr, Gurley was the 19th best RB last year so nothing special. While Gurley showed flashes of greatness his rookie season (including several big runs), you also can't ignore the fact that he averaged 3.2 ypc over the course of season last year. In fact, since the midpoint of his rookie season, he leads the NFL in carries but ranks last in ypc (minimum 200 carries). As mentioned, he also cracked 100yds only once since then and had zero runs over 25yds las
  8. David Ortiz is back in the Red Sox' lineup Friday. Big Papi didn't play Thursday after exiting Wednesday's game with back spasms, but he's made a quick recovery. The designated hitter will be facing David Price, who he had some harsh words for last month after Price hit him with a pitch Pretty sure Ortiz was in the game up until the 9th on Thursday when he got pulled...
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