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  1. The QB change has made the targets dry up. Garrapolo has been more competent than the check down machines that preceded him. He actually looks down field and manages to complete passes. I'd love to have him in my flex spot, but am rolling with Dede Westbrook.
  2. Just as the title states, I need to take a flyer on one of these guys this week in half PPR: Jesse James, Ben Watson or Jared Cook. I'm leaning James, as he saw 12 targets the week Juju was out. There should be lots of targets available with Antonio Brown out. WHIR
  3. Diggs' season mirrored his season last year: looked unstoppable until hampered by injury. Based on his performance last week, he seems to be over the groin injury that slowed him for much of the season. Thielen is the clear first option and has an exploitable matchup, but I believe Diggs should hit his projection as a WR2/3 this week, with some reasonable hope for further upside.
  4. I'm going to walk back on playing Parker over Goodwin. I'm not crazy about playing Goodwin against the Jags, but Parker is even riskier. Adams seems very unlikely to play, but he would be my preferred start over both.
  5. I would roll with Bortles and grudgingly, Parker over Goodwin. Parker is best with Cutler and he showed well last week. If Adams suits up, I like him better than Parker.
  6. I like CJA as your RB2, Juju as your WR2 and Murray as your flex. CJA has been getting fed lately and Denver has only won when he has over 20 carries. They finally figured out he needs the rock. Juju has the skill and now the opportunity/targets with AB out. Murray is more a process of elimination than anything. I don’t like Goodwin’s matchup and Davis hasn’t shown enough to be trusted as a dog on the road. Murray has shown well in games that needed to be salted away, which should be the case on Monday. Thanks for your help and good luck.
  7. I would roll with Brees. While he hasn’t had the top-tier upside as in year’s past, he has offered consistency. Add that to playing at home in a likely shootout and he has upside as well. Keenum and Foles have a lower floor. Thanks for your help.
  8. I would add Tion Green and I like your roster as it's set.
  9. I've made it to the finals and am up against a formidable team. The league is half PPR. TE: Ricky Seals-Jones and Jared Cook are on my roster. Ben Watson, Charles Clay, Antonio Gates are available. I currently have RSJ in. Flex: Dede Westbrook, Keelan Cole, Cooper Kupp, Tion Green, Carlos Hyde. I currently have Dede in. Rest of my lineup is in my signature if you're curious. WHIR
  10. I'm down 9.5 with Parker to go, half-PPR. It feels like it's going to be close.
  11. You have good depth at both positions. I'd drop DMC because Morris appears to be the next man up, and Zeke appears good to play the year (the appeal should push this issue to next season like Brady's did). Golloday is a worthy pickup. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/667208-ros-ranks-burkhead-charles-chris-johnson-mack-whir/
  12. Thielen Dez Parker Dez and Parker are close on account of both being covered by top CBs this week (Talib and Verrett). Last week's Thielen blowup game was aided by Breaux being out, but I think with the shifting into and out of the slot and with Diggs taking attention, we can look for more good production out of Thielen this week.
  13. Hi all. I have a lacklustre RB group (Howard, Crowell, Powell). I can only keep 3 of out of 4 in this group: Rex Burkhead Jamaal Charles Chris Johnson Marlon Mack I'm looking for upside going forward and hoping one of these guys might be able to usurp one of my starting RBs eventually. We have deep rosters (3 flex) and benches (7 slots). Standard scoring with return yards. WHIR, thanks.
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