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  1. The Stafford and McVay marriage feels like a recipe for success. Stafford wanted out of the Detroit abyss to win championships. McVay needed the arm talent and QB intelligence to execute his entire playbook. Both have something to prove. Stafford wants to show he should in the elite QB conversation. McVay, with his Belichick-esque ego, wants to show he was right trading Goff for Stafford. With those factors, Rams offense could be scary good and really put their foot on the gas in games to prove a point. Count me in for a huge stats season.
  2. Drake revenge game vs Gase. I'm sure he'd like to stick it to his former coach. Maybe Kingsbury gives him more and higher quality opportunities.
  3. Exactly! Teams take out Hopkins and if he's not there Murray just tucks and runs.They need him to get others involved or the offense will struggle. Get the run game going and play-action is more effective. Opens up the entire offense.
  4. The issue is bigger than Drake. Their offense is offensive. AZ put up 133 yards passing and 129 rushing with 48 of those coming on 1 Murray scramble which was actually a designed pass play. And it was against the Panthers who the prior week gave up 330 yards passing to LAC. Kingsbury's play calling has been vanilla and almost feels like he's letting Murray "cook". He's no Russell Wilson. It's been basically Hopkins and Murray scrambling. They have playmakers...Drake, Edmonds, Kirk, Isabella but Murray only has eyes for Hopkins. Beginning to wonder if Hopkins screwed up the offense because they feel the need to make him the focal point. Kingsbury needs to do better to give playmakers opportunities in space and coach Murray that he doesn't have to be a hero.
  5. Kubiak system is a plus for RBs and Vikes definitely want to focus on the run. Haven't heard anything on his shoulder injury he sustained late in 2019. Assume it's healed but shoulders have a higher risk of re-injury with hits he takes. I'd definitely want to grab Mattison if I take Cook.
  6. Sharing a brain between Colts, Redskins, and Bucs with same reasons on all.
  7. Full disclosure, had not seen this before but it certainly provides support to prior comments. Reich at 7:00..."How do we get more explosive offensively? We got a lot of good players. There's nothing wrong with saying we need to get a little more explosive." Then "can we get 2 difference makers, a back and receiver." Also had not considered Pittman's size and skill as a run blocker. That's just provides more advantage to their run game.
  8. Matt Waldman who publishes the Rookie Scouting Portfolio said this about Taylor vs Mack. "Mack is a tough runner. He gets what’s blocked for him and a little more because of his skill to make the first man miss, his pad level, and his willingness to attack opponents at the end of runs. Taylor is a powerful runner with the size, strength, and contact balance to push piles without the help of his teammates and run through multiple points of contact. He also makes the first man miss and has exceptional speed for his size" --Matt Waldman, RSP This is why Taylor is a difference maker and most talented RB on roster. OL helps both but Taylor has next level skills that will allow him to break chunk yardage runs and carry defenders. His faults are ball security and pass pro skills. Ball security is a concern but most college RB need to learn pass pro. If he addresses those issues look out. Taylor reminds me of Chubb. Both practically same size with great lower body strength. Chubb has stronger upper body but Taylor has a speed/quickness advantage. Both came from power running programs.
  9. I claim that post. Yes I believe Colts didn't feel like the RBs they had were difference makers. Do you? I provided stat details that shows Mack is no exceptional talent behind a really good OL. Mack averaged under 5 ypc and Wilkins had 6 ypc behind same OL. 1 yard is big difference. The fact they wanted to move up a piddly 3 spots shows they wanted him. A 5th round pick is still valuable and to me seems a lot to move up 3 spots. Taylor is moving from a dominate OL to another dominate OL. He is "Taylor-made" for Colts offense.
  10. All about tiers. Pittman may have been last WR on their board in top tier and intel on other teams made them think he would not fall to next pick. There was such a premium value on WR in 2020 draft. Pittman was 8th WR picked so likely depth was getting thin. Only 1 RB had been drafted at that point. I'm guessing when they saw Miami pass on Taylor at 2.7 they jumped in and traded up.
  11. Taylor is first RB drafted by Ballard before the 4th round. Also only the 3rd time Ballard has traded up in the draft. They only traded up 3 spots but that tells me they saw the player they wanted and didn't want to risk losing him. There's a big difference in intention between a RB drafted in high 2nd(3rd RB taken) vs 3rd round RB. Mack is the type of RB that will pick up yards OL blocks for him. Taylor has talent to make 1-2 miss or accelerate through a hole and pick up chunk yardage. With potential to take it to the house. Taylor bigger and still faster and more elusive.
  12. Mack been serviceable but never really seemed like he "ran away" with the job. He's had his share of injuries(missed 2 games 2019, 4 games 2018). Averaged 4.7 in 2019 and 4.4 in 2018 behind a top 5 OL. Jordan Wilkins averaged 5.6 and 6 behind same OL. Obviously Mack had more carries and could argue Wilkins had carries in better situations but an extra yard per carry is nothing to ignore. Colts traded up in the 2nd to grab Taylor. Some would argue he's wasn't drafted in 1st round but RB draft values have dropped in last few years and this year was heavy in WR talent. Teams don't draft RB in 2nd round if they feel good about their other RBs and they're going to let him warm bench. Talent typically wins out. Mack will still get work but I see Taylor doing more with his carries. I want upside. Taylor's ADP is bit high right now but the hope is Reich keeps talking about all his RBs getting work. Might help that ADP go a bit lower.
  13. Ravens have one of the best OC run game coordinators in Roman. He runs multiple blocking schemes and formations to confuse defenses. He does a lot of pulling guards/tackles to open big running lanes. Those lanes are well defined and don't require a lot of reading where the hole will be. I would expect Ingram to do very well in this system. Ingram has always been a good runner but for some reason Payton never really used him a lot. He's got his shot this year as the lead guy. I think he's wanted this for a while. RB2 floor with RB1 upside depending how much work he gets.
  14. Did say deep leagues so 14+ teams and not sure how you got league winners from my post. Stills finished WR51 in my 16 teamer. Wilson was on pace for WR22 until he got hurt. Just saying both good value as WR4-5 with potential for more.
  15. Offensive guru Gase tanked the Dolphins offense last year. Had least amount of plays/game at 55. No other team had been that low since 2005. That will improve and one would hope Fitzpatrick or Rosen can be better than Tannehill. They will likely be trailing in games. Stills, Wilson, and maybe even Parker can be good value in deep leagues. Don't sleep on them. I'd be more concerned about Jets under Gase.
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