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  1. Who wins this trade? A) OBJ + Mark Ingrahm B) D.Hopkins + D.Swift
  2. Draft order is determined after keepers are submitted. I wish I had to the luxury to know where I can draft.
  3. Who would you keep? Saquan for a 1st round or Mixon for a third rounder penalty?
  4. With your roster I would keep a WR and it would be between Fitgerald or Curtis. Fitzgerald with the edge.
  5. So far Zeke, Kamara, and Mcaffery has been kept. Rest of top RB are up for grabs.
  6. I love Saquan more then anybody. What if I luck out and get drawn the 1st pick?
  7. Right now I'm leaning on going for value and keeping Kittle and Kerryon and hopefully luck out on the draft lottery.
  8. Format is standard non ppr with a huge roster of 3 starting 3 RB's, 3 WR's, 2 TE and 2 Flexes.
  9. Which 2 would you keep? Draft order is determined after keepers are submitted. We can still draw the 1st pick if we don't keep Saquan. Saquan - giveup 1st round Kittles - Give up 10th round Kerryon - Give 10th round Aaron Jones - Give up 7th round.
  10. Yea and we still don't know how Marting will perform while digg is a stud so far.
  11. Would you trade away Stefon Diggs for Doug Martin. My RB right now are Demarco murray and Hyde and my WR are OBJ, Diggs and K.Benjamin
  12. What a waste of roster space. Should have traded him when I had a chance.
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