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  1. When I wrote that Jeudy dominated weaker competition, I meant that he was playing for Alabama and, with very few exceptions, Alabama was playing against teams considerably weaker than Alabama during Jeudy's entire college career.
  2. Dominating weaker opponents with a super-team around him in college, and you get to the pros and it is a different story. I'll probably avoid Jeudy in 2021 unless he is very very cheap. But 2022 could be better. By then, he'll have had a few years with NFL trainers to get stronger, and hopefully the Drew Lock Experiment will have ended by then.
  3. I actually think Nyheim Hines is quite a bit better than Chase Edmonds.
  4. What world are you living in? Not Planet Earth, year 2021. That's for sure. 3 down back? There are only a handful of those left. Saquon, CMC, Dalvin, maybe Zeke. C"mon man.
  5. Well do you like TDs? Conner is your guy. Looking for a (very) low-end flex in full ppr? Edmonds all the way, until they add even more competition in the draft or right afterwards.
  6. Priority UDFA means one of the best running backs eligible for the 2021 draft who do not get drafted, but get to pick where they sign and they get more of a signing bonus than is typical. Phillip Lindsey on the Broncos, Austin Ekeler for the Chargers, and Arian Foster for the Texans are examples of priority UDFA players who went on to have success in the NFL.
  7. Betcha they will draft a RB or sign a priority UDFA. Edmonds is going to be a bye-week, desperation flex in full ppr leagues only. If that's your keeper, you must be playing in a very deep league indeed.
  8. After Kyler turned his shoulder into hamburger, the Cardinals sank like a stone. I am betting the opposite happens.
  9. After Kyler hurt his shoulder, he stopped running for those 1 yard bunnies and Drake got more of them.
  10. Conner will be a little bit worse Kenyan Drake in 2021 in the unlikely event Conner can stay healthy. Draft both, then trade Edmonds to a gullible league mate after Conner gets hurt but before the next Arizona Cardinals game.
  11. Chase Edmonds is a role player. Not a featured guy. RW, errr. NBC Edge writers need to accept that fact. Chase Edmonds dynasty owners need to accept that fact. Chase Edmonds needs to accept that fact.
  12. Zero RB works better in an auction because you can target players who will be cheap but productive (James Conner 2018) and land them at any point. Since falling victim to David Johnson 2017 and Saquon Barkley 2020, zero-RB is looking better and better. Of course that means hitting on a handcuff who becomes the starter or a lottery pick or two...
  13. You are right. I hate it, but dammit, you are right. Also they lost Bud Dupree so...
  14. I agree. There is actually a pretty big list of experienced RBs who do not currently have a job. Bernard may have been better off taking that paycut, insteading of demanding his release, and heading to the back of the line.
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