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  1. With top 8 RBs costing you your first round pick or 33% of your auction dollars, yet missing at a 50% clip most years, I have always seen the logic of stocking up on a few top WRs and maybe a hot TE and then trying to catch lightning in a bottle with mid-to-late round flyers like the Tre Mason CJ Anderson Isaiah Crowley types. But, as was said, if you pick the wrong guys, it will not work.
  2. There are sleepers and deep sleepers. In redraft a 5th round player who plays like a first rounder...maybe not a "sleeper." But I want that player.
  3. A general strategy is try to sit out the first 10-15 nominations if at all possible. On your turn, throw out big names whose games have slipped to get reduce the stacks of your leaguemates. Once you are chip leader about midway through, you control the board. Bluff your opponents into thinking you are finally bidding on the player you want. But when they bid you up, drop out and leave them holding the bag. I would rather have 4 $25-$30 running backs, and then draft some depth, than one $60 running back who will tank your season if he goes down (Barkley and CMC 2020, David Johnson
  4. Top 3 finish of all the Chiefs RBs is in reach for MEH. Top 3 in the NFL? I would say no. Just too many guys ahead of him that have superior skills.
  5. Guess Flores told the D to back off and let the gimp regain some confidence...
  6. Really good offense plus really bad defense, down multiple scores? Not sure how you are crunching those numbers but it is the Blake Bortles Effect, and it is very real. I am not saying Higgins is a fantasy WR3. I am saying if he is the WR3 on YOUR fantasy team, you are going to be loving it.
  7. If goal was to make the most money for the least amount of times tackled...
  8. Even though they have three good WRs, Cincy's pass catchers all get an upgrade from me because of how bad their team is overall. They are likely to be playing from behind all season. Pass, pass, pass. Higgins is an ideal fantasy WR3 imo.
  9. To find the Le'Veon Bell of 2021, go back and read the 2020 Le'Veon Bell thread for clues. Also, howls. It's a big name with waning athletic ability and a me-first attitude. Hmmm...
  10. Best landing spot for Bell? Carolina maybe? Bell may think he could start somewhere, but backup/handcuff seems about as high as he could hope at this point.
  11. Big Ben has had a long career winning while co-existing with good to great running backs. If Harris comes in and works hard, he is going to put up numbers.
  12. Maybe the Steelers abandoned the run last year because they did not have any running backs who could execute the plays the way they wanted done? They did reach 11-0. If that's the case, and they decided to invest heavily in Harris, I think that is a very good sign for how they plan to use him. Big Ben is only 38 or 39, but injuries and age have sapped his once-legendary toughness and ability to extend plays. Pittsburgh needs balance in 2021.
  13. I have always liked Conner. The hope is Harris will be more durable. Missing an entire game is only one way to measure it. If Conner was gimpy for the entire second half of the season, started the game, got a few carries, then checked out, rinse and repeat, the missing only 3 games thing is pretty misleading. Reminds me of Matt Breida. Dude never missed all that many games, but he seemingly got hurt in every game he did play.
  14. What set Bell apart was running behind a top-3 Oline and having a few Hall of Fame caliber players in the passing game drawing away defensive attention. Once Bell tried to recreate his earlier success with a lesser surrounding cast, he was a complete carastrophe. But since this is the Najee Harris thread, let's discuss Najee Harris. Pittsburgh obviously believed they were a good and durable main running back away from having an effective running game, so they went with Harris in the 2nd round. Miami should have taken Harris but they didn't. Great landing spot in Pittsburg. Low en
  15. I agree that the line set to block for Harris in 2021 cannot hold a candle to the one that blocked for Bell in 2016, but I still think Harris will perform very very well. Benny Snell and Jaylen Samuels are not going to threaten Harris's workload.
  16. Najee is faster, stronger and more athletic than Bell was at his prime. Also, Najee seems to have a really good head on his shoulders, whereas Bell has proven his confirmed turd status about 100x over. Yes Bell has a few outstanding fantasy seasons, likely largely down to volume and the team around him. Harris, on the other hand, is a champion on and off the field. Betcha Harris eclipses Bell.
  17. These are sleepers for 12 team, 1 QB leagues: OJ Howard--Gronk has the big name, but Howard has the wheels. Was starting to "get it" with Brady's help prior to his injury in 2020. Ryan Fitzpatrick--Mentally tough and has some pretty good weapons as well as a great defense behind him to set up short fields. WFT gave Tampa nearly all they could handle in the playoffs last year with Tyler Heineken at QB for Pete's sake. Sony Michel--Other Patriot RBs are getting all the love, but Michel was a first round pick. I think Michel was playing hurt the last couple of years. If he retu
  18. Agree with Edwards in standard and McKissic in ppr, but Rashaad Penny's only established role is in the ice bath of the trainer's room in Kirkland. Dude is the most injury prone Seahawk RB this side of CJ Prosise. And, since nothing Pete Carroll says about running back health can ever be trusted, all of the glowing reports about Penny's recovery (there have not been many lately) are not worth a hill of beans.
  19. Bell was kind of the Anti-Jamaal Charles. Charles played on terrible Todd Haley Chiefs teams but was so good opponents had trouble stopping him. Now Bell has put Andy Reid on blast. Not a good look for a guy who wants to keep playing.
  20. Toxic locker room presence and appears to be running in thick mud he's on the field? I think we have finally seen the last of this cat. Clinton Portis also announced the Portis would be continuing his playing career after the WFT let him go; only problem was that none of the 32 NFL teams shared that view.
  21. Brady has adjusted his contract so his team could win multiple times. Easy for him since his wife probably makes 3 to 4 times as much. But I am a bit surprised more QBs do not do this. Almost no others do. What did Tampa do for Brady? Got him his guys (Gronk and Crazy AB). Adjusted their offense to suit Brady's strengths. Let Brady run black market park practices. Covered for him when he forgot it was 4th down. That's a h-ll of a lot more than GB has done for Rodgers. 1st round pick on a useless QB when you just went 13-3 and got run off the field by the Niners in the NFC tit
  22. Oh you think Jordan Love is going to save the day for the Packers by turning out to be good? That is precious.
  23. Why would it be unlikely that Rodgers can play well into his mid-40s like Brady is doing? Rodgers has far more athleticism and arm strength, and nearly equal competitiveness and football smarts. Sports science has advanced by leaps and bounds since Favre and Steve Young started slowing down, and Tom Brady does not have a monopoly on sports science, last I checked.
  24. Director and movie star is a good analogy. Maybe Downey Jr. is not going to deliver the lines exactly as designed, but the film is going to make half a billion because he is there.
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