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  1. I'm not saying I expect Paddack to rebound like Halladay. Does Paddack have the stuff to be an elite pitcher like Halladay was? No, probably not. Even Paddack's 2019 season was more a product of good luck more than exceptional skill (his FIP and xFIP both indicated that his ERA should have been around 4). The only comparison I'm making is that to in order to resurrect his career at all, I think Paddack needs to go to the minors and rework everything away from the pressure of the major leagues just like Halladay. Paddack is simply put one of the worst pitchers in baseball right now,
  2. I wonder if Paddack gets sent to the minors to iron out these issues once Lamet returns instead of Morejon. The Padres also have MacKenzie Gore waiting in the minors as well. Considering the Padres are spending money like crazy and have championship aspirations this year, I think Paddack is not long for the majors this year. Long-term, I do think there is still some hope for Paddack. To be honest, his initial success and then his dramatic fall reminds me a lot of Roy Halladay. Both Paddack and Halladay were super hyped prospects who came up and had a lot of success their first year.
  3. I think you really hit the nail on the head here about him essentially being a one pitch guy. Paddack's had two very favorable matchups so far this year and gotten shelled in both. I see zero reason to hold onto him, even with a matchup against the Pirates up next. He had a 5.40 ERA last year (including postseason), a 10.64 ERA in spring training, and a 5.63 ERA so far this year Paddack really should have been nothing more than a late round flier on the off chance that he could bounce back to his 2019 level, not a mid-round pick where you need a guy with a higher floor.
  4. The regime that traded Musgrove was different from the one that trade Cole and Glasnow, true. However, the regime, the pitching coach (Ray Searage), and the dated organizational pitching philosophy (throw sinkers to try to get ground balls) that Musgrove had while pitching in Pittsburgh was the same as Cole and Glasnow had (except for the brief two month season last year where as you mentioned Musgrove did show a lot of promise). I definitely think that the old regime failed to develop Musgrove to his full potential (or anywhere close to his full potential), just like they did Cole, Glasnow,
  5. Totally agree with you. In fact he's actually making 30M this year, not 20M. What a contract by the Angels. Miguel Cabrera is vastly overpaid, but at least he had a few really good years for the Tigers. Pujols never had even one year with the Angels as good as his worst year with the Cardinals.
  6. To clarify, my high opinion of Musgrove has more to do with the get-out-of-Pittsburgh effect than about his first two starts. As analytics have shown, both Musgrove's changeup and curveball have been elite (career 17.4 and 16.2 percent swinging-strike rates respectively) demonstrating his potential. His problem was that he was throwing his below-average fastball way too often and his curve and change not nearly enough. My hope/thinking was that now that Musgrove was with a competent organization they would show him these numbers and get him to throw his fastball less. Last night for examp
  7. I think deGrom and Cole are in a tier of their own, and then there's a bunch of guys that I'd really put in the same tier (all good pitchers but not that proven or with some question marks). I'd say that tier in no particular order consists of: Bieber, Darvish, Bauer, Giolito, Nola, Glasnow, Buehler, Scherzer, Kershaw, Woodruff, Flaherty, Castillo, Snell, Burns, Berrios, Musgrove
  8. It's amazing the way Cole, Glasnow, and even Charlie Morton all became dramatically better pitchers after leaving Pittsburgh. Obviously the additional run support, but I think the bigger thing is just having a competent organization that can actually develop pitchers and teach them how to pitch. I thought that at his 113.3 ADP, Musgrove was the steal of the draft and that people were really underestimating the get-out-of-Pittsburgh effect, but man I didn't think he'd be this great. A question for Musgrove owners: right now how many pitchers would you trade Musgrove for one for one? I'd
  9. FYI, I own zero shares of Bieber, so I'm not complaining, just giving my opinion. Bieber's obviously a great pitcher (granted not as great as last year's numbers but still elite). I don't think anyone is denying that. The problem is that he has a first round ADP and that with how much Cleveland slashed payroll, even getting to double digit wins is going to be a challenge for Bieber. In leagues where wins are a category (such as standard Yahoo 5x5 roto leagues), I'd give Cole a huge edge over Bieber. As good of a pitcher as Bieber is, I just don't think it's worthwhile to spend a first
  10. Any reason to hold Dikeman after his implosion last Friday, him being used in the 8th inning yesterday, and Melvin's quote today?
  11. The season isn't even a week old and Madison Bumgarner has already allowed 11 times as many runs this year as he has in 36 career World Series innings.
  12. It's sad watching Madison Bumgarner pitch nowadays. He used to be so good, now he might literally be the worst pitcher in the major leagues.
  13. I guess it comes down to preferences and league settings, but to me deGrom and Cole were my top 2 players on the board. I just think there's such a huge gap in pitching after those to whoever you want to rank #3. With hitters, I don't think the fall-off is nearly as drastic.
  14. How about a matchup against the Pirates? I can't tell you how much it sucks that he's going to miss the Pirates both series the first two weeks of the year. Instead of getting to face the most punchless lineup I've seen in years in which a great start is almost guaranteed for any pitcher, Alzolay had a pretty pathetic line last night against the Brewers.
  15. Well, it was before Diekman's implosion last Friday that Melvin named Diekman the interim closer. Last Friday's outing coupled with Diekman's career mediocre (at best) numbers and poor control were probably enough to push this into a closer-by-committee situation. Yes, Diekman was great last year but that was 20 IP and looks like a total outlier based on the rest of his career
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