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  1. Recently dropped. How much of a FAAB would you spend on him? I don’t own Zeke.
  2. Who sits in a 0.5 PPR? Hyde vs. SEA Howard @ PHI Coleman vs TB Funchess @ NYJ
  3. Commish should return players, lock roster, and ban from league going forward.
  4. I'm going Perine and Hyde. I have a hard time trusting NE RBs. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/685254-should-i-do-either-of-these-trades-whir-100/
  5. I can't bring myself to trust a NE RB. I would also go Coleman and Woodhead. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/685254-should-i-do-either-of-these-trades-whir-100/
  6. Looking to upgrade my TE slot in a standard league, another owner has tossed out these ideas: My Fitz for his Davante Adams + Greg Olsen My Ingram for his Kamara + Greg Olsen My current TE is Rudolph. I am pretty much locked into a playoff spot at this point, battling for a week 1 bye. It's a different league than the team in my signature.
  7. I'm down 4.5 and he has Panthers D. 0.5 ppr.
  8. Schedules: Brees: WSH, @LAR, CAR, @ATL, NYJ Mariota: PIT, @IND, HOU, @ARI, @SF
  9. Thanks for the input fellas, I'm fairly surprised by the backing of Brees.
  10. Team in sig, Freeman owner offered me Brees (or Stafford) for Coleman after seeing Tyrod's pathetic week. Roll with Tyrod and Coleman for as long as Freeman is out, or take Brees or Stafford knowing that Freeman could be back in a couple weeks? I'm 1 game ahead for the last playoff spot, FWIW.
  11. LOL ok man, you clearly have emotional attachments to everyone on your bench, I get it. There is no way I personally am leaving a roster spot empty in week 10, it's not worth the risk. You've clearly made up your mind though, so why bother asking?
  12. After looking at your roster again, I would drop Fuller. He's worthless with Savage as QB, especially with all your other WRs. There are a lot of weeks left and a lot can happen, no way I am leaving a roster spot empty in week 10.
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