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  1. {Since Josh Gordon will not be reinstated for the 2020 season, this player outlook thread will be locked.}
  2. [The Mixon thread is now unlocked. Have fun, fellas, but let's stay on topic with discussion of player performance and outlook.]
  3. Took home the trophy in the only league I play in, gaining three ROTO points on the last day of the season to win by a single point. This is my sixth consecutive championship.
  4. [As one person's opinion on player valuations, this topic doesn't add value to the forums and we don't like where the comments are heading. This thread is locked.]
  5. Carroll and Schneider like to do things unconventionally, and I'm guessing they shift D.K. Metcalf to tight end and run Gordon and Lockett at wides.
  6. It's the "& Brate" part that concerns me.
  7. Minter blew the save in glorious fashion and the line looks ugly, but I thought he looked pretty good. Was consistently hitting 97 with his fastball and was just having trouble locating it.
  8. Wheeler's in total command of his impressive arsenal tonight, looking every bit like one of the best pitchers in baseball.
  9. Man, Luis Castillo is the most unhittable-looking pitcher I've laid my eyes on this year. 97 MPH smoke offset by the best changeup in the game that comes out of his hand looking exactly like his heater. Opposing batters are just up there guessing.
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