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  1. Just a reminder of how good this guy was over the 2nd half of the season. If he's on your waiver wire right now for some reason run don't walk.
  2. This is some classic Andy Reid s---. The Chiefs now have had back to back games where their running backs have totaled 9 rush attempts. For as long as I can remember at some point during the season Reid forgets to run the ball, they lose a few games, and someone reminds him you can't just throw 50 yard bombs every play. Damien is still playing 50%+ of the snaps and I'm confident they'll figure it out eventually.
  3. Need at least 7.5 from Kittle in .5 PPR to stay undefeated and am honestly super nervous about it.
  4. Maybe I'm the only one but I came away pretty hopeful after that game. - He started the game - Handled 56% of the snaps - Out touched both other guys combined - Had two near TDs catches on that first drive.
  5. I'd take that deal, Kirk and Mixon could be cornerstones on your team for the next 5-6 years.
  6. I'd start Bell, even if he get's shut down running they're going to target him a ton.
  7. Allen, his rushing gives him a better floor and better upside. This is assuming everything with his head is fine.
  8. I'd start Gurley till you see how the KC backfield shakes out
  9. Yup take it and run. Diggs's behavior might get him benched next week and even if it doesn't Cousins can't get him the ball.
  10. 10 team, .5 PPR, 1QB/2RB/2WR/1FLEX/1TE league Current Team: QB: Lamar Jackson RB: Kerryon Johnson, Sony Michel, Damien Williams, Tevin Coleman, Royce Freeman, Rashad Penny, Wayne Gallman WR: Keenan Allen, Mike Evans, Tyler Locket, Juju, Alshon Jeffery TE: George Kittle
  11. In the same situation, had Kittle and Waller, was able to move Waller for Lockett.
  12. Is Juju hurt? Haven't seen him in at all the last possession.
  13. Is there a reason you think he won't be the preferred pass catching back? He has 51 career receptions (34 his rookie year) on 74 targets as a part time player over three years which to me seems like 3rd down work might be his strength.
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