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  1. If he was dropped, how much FAAB would you guys estimate him at?
  2. "Pro League and Private Cash League payouts will be dispersed by the end of the first week in January." - Yahoo
  3. Michael Gallup might be hurt, possibly more targets coming his way.
  4. That might be Brandon Allen. Mitch Tribusky was also the other available starting QB option in my 2 QB league, for those scavenging.
  5. He's definitely a hold in 12-team leagues, people that are saying drop must be in 10-team leagues or less.
  6. If you have actually watched the games, and not a biased fournette owner, you would be. He has actually looked good between the tackles this year.
  7. Sure, the threat of a decent run game has no effect on passing plays. 🙄
  8. That was the point, he lost a fumble just like last week, but they stuck with him the next drive and it resulted in getting in the red zone and a TD, more pts than they had all of last week. The offense was rolling when they don't abandon the run, and RJones has been their best runner between the tackles.
  9. Arians finally realizing RJones can actually keep the chains moving when they stick with him.
  10. Looks like our little shark just need a little gluton to get back into Chark Week.
  11. And the best post of this thread goes to: Imagine owning CEH over Dalvin Cook. 🤣
  12. I probably wouldn't count the first 2 weeks of the season, he was playing behind Johnson, and wasn't being used as he is now. It wasn't until week 3 where the coaches talked about using him more before kickoff.
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