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  1. I like A Rob for yardage and A Bro for chance of a TD. So floor high floor with Rob and and high ceiling with Bro. Depends on you strategy.
  2. Need some help and it’s a Ghost town around here. Thanks!
  3. Standard no ppr, 20 yards per point pick 2 Mixon vs Cle, 21st most points to RBs Chubb vs Cin, 27th most points to RBs Mack vs Jax, 31st most pts to RBs My concerns: Mixon put up a dud against Miami and they scored a lot through the air. Chubb can’t score at the inside the five and they may ride Hunt more since he is a FA. All Pro G Nelson is in concussion protocol and it is possible but not likely they get behind and he is scripted out of game.
  4. I am week a 17 player with a one week championship coming, and I have Lamar. You may ask why I still have him when he is ruled out already? Not only is he ruled out of our silly week 17 championship but he is also undroppable on nfl.com so he wasting a roster spot I need to make moves.
  5. This is a tuff one but in my deep study of both defenses I found a weakness in the Colts opponent, Carolina. They don’t cover punts...at all. That should get you at least 12 points off of returns.
  6. I am fortunate to have Brady and Tannehill on the wire but I have the last waiver position and everyone stays active through the final matchups. 😶
  7. I play into week 17 and need to make a move if he is not playing.
  8. Don’t have twitter. What is on that video?
  9. Single then Wash. The Full Monty is still half mast potential compared to the other stiffs.
  10. Perriman and Kupp for me because DaK is hurting more then I think we are being let on too. If he looks great in warmups then I go with the Cowboy.
  11. Drake, since Ekeler seems to have eaten some of Gordon’s volume more lately.
  12. Miller because DaK is hurting worse then I think is being let on.
  13. I actually start all three because they each have a better shot at a TD then Waller and even Singletary has potential with what NE gave up to Mixon last week.
  14. Kupp cause he is healthy Hooper because it’s just him and Julio against that good matchup and Denver because Detroit’s oline sucks and is banged up, and Harris will take out their best weapon so Blough will be in trouble.
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