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  1. Thompson. AP won't find any room so they'll have to throw some screens and misdirection to slow down the Bears front.
  2. In PPR I'd sit Ingram though not easy to do. I think Balt will slow game down with running game. Can't sit Evans or NUK in PPR. Ekler is a beast. Good lineup
  3. Josh Gordon, Marquise Brown, Lesean McCoy, Christian Kirk, TY Hilton
  4. Thank you for nothing (literally) Evans and AP.
  5. Not sure I would draft 4 QBs unless you have some vets on last year or two such as Roth or Brees. Maybe go 2 and use the 2 you saved for shots at backup RBs and 4/5 WRs. Also as other teams load up on rookies, load up on proven players. Go win now mode rather than years down the road. It will give you more value and options to trade those players for future picks in the season.
  6. Food for thought. Next auction, after about 20 players went and your turn to offer a player, offer a defense and $1. get that out of the way.
  7. Went Hunt and Cook. 2 two year backs with some questions with each but high ceilings. I've owed Julio and Evans in other dynasty leagues and have grown frustrated with their drops and vanishing in some games. Figured each of these backs will touch the ball 15-20 times per game
  8. 1.01 1. Gurley, Todd LAR RB 1.02 2. Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB 1.03 3. Barkley, Saquon NYG RB (R) 1.04 4. Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB 1.05 5. Beckham, Odell NYG WR 1.06 6. Kamara, Alvin N
  9. Update above. I'm up. Thomas and Fournette were selected. Hunt still on board with the others.
  10. I think you're solid. Gurley in PPR is a monster and Thielen and Baldwin are good for 4-5 catches per week each as a floor. I think the sleeper is A Miller. I love his situation and thing he'll eat targets underneath. Guice will be interesting. Would love him more in a PPR if not for Thompson.
  11. Full PPR, email draft and have the last pick in 1st round. Contemplating which way to go. WR/WR, RB/RB or RB/WR. I know it depends who's there but with me up in 5 picks, it appears available players will be; Thomas (assume he'll be gone) Evans Allen Adams Julio Hunt (assume he'll be gone) Fournette Cook Gordon McCaffrey Pick 2 and give advice on strategy for rounds 1-4. I've gone WR/WR here before and when the end of the 3rd came, there was little or no vet RBs left. Would then have to go with throwing a dart at a rookie
  12. I have picks 1.03 and 1.05. Need some serious RB help. Who should I target in order?
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