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  1. I traded Giannis for this guy for his good % on fg and ft and scoring. He is a bust for me honestly.
  2. totally passive, even bench guys got more fg attempts. smh
  3. I would take Siakam over SImmon alone, take it and don't look back.
  4. doh! then he sat the whole 4th quarter.
  5. What happen tonight? Did he get hurt?
  6. Ball needs more minutes to develop. Not sure what the coach is doing.
  7. Dipo still show with Indy on yahoo. When is he going to play with Houston?
  8. Hope triple J comes back soon. Never roster him before, what you thinks he average will be this year? 16 pts, 8 Reba, 1 ast, .5 st, 1 blk?
  9. Hopefully doesn't miss time. It was a blowout, no need to return.
  10. Hope he returns tomorrow. I need his FTM.
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