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  1. I wish he would go that. But I dont see it. 25 hrs maybe 80 80 Maybe But hes a .250 hitter A million Ks, no walks. And few doubles.
  2. If you're going to go QS, Let's look at OPS Albies career .803 Certainly good. But adjusted, it's a 107. 7% above average Buehler career era+ 127 27% above average Sure you want the 7% guy over the 27% guy? And even if you leave buehler off, you also say to cut one of bichette or turner? Trea is a top 25 player Albies is easily the worst of these 5, and it's not even close. The only real debate is, boehlert or devers?
  3. No You guys act like Springer is a MVP
  4. I like urias, because he was the Dodgers best pitcher in postseason. I remember scouts saying, he was the best 17 year old pitching prospect they had seen. We always focus on the shiny new toy, Whitley, mize, gore, pearson. Dont forget the shiny old toy, because they got injured, and were in MLB at 20, when most kids that age are barely in AA, if that. I just think hes got great confidence now.
  5. Too much Springer luv 5th is snell, but I could see JT
  6. Ah no In a 20 team league, if you fail to see value in teoscar and plesac, I cant help you I didn't endorse deal, just pointing out players value isnt nothing
  7. West coast is adell He would drop, or trade MT lamet, mize, skubal
  8. Not alot of choices Out of those, I prefer martinez
  9. In a 20 team league, those aren't replacement players, lol
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