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  1. Snell needs some sticky stuff, dude has zero control. His "slightly out of the zone stuff" is obviously out of the zone straight out of his hand. No control whatsoever.
  2. Wouldn't be a Ballard type move. Zac Ertz is a more plausible Colts pick up, but they'll prob wait for his release. TRich was all Grigson and he's all gone.
  3. Had him last year and actually watched a few starts, disappointed is an understatement right now. The stuff is so good and he's a blast to watch.
  4. Yeah it didn't look good and Brantley was raking. Good news
  5. Nice to see him seemingly running comfortably.
  6. It looks like he's going to embrace the leadoff role. That play was outstanding
  7. The winners in your league will appreciate your moral stand.
  8. I believe he was demonstrating it in the playoffs and will probably continue to do so. Anyways, on to Yordan...it's his thread
  9. I have zero doubt that Altuve is staying in the 1 hole... barring a big slump, he's the logical choice. Yordan isn't batting cleanup because he didn't get enough Spring at bats in Dusty's estimation. He's moving up soon, but as it stands there's nothing wrong with what they're trotting out there in game 1. I think the lineup in general has less fun vs Jesus tonight. How Alvarez handles talented lefties will play a big part in where he settles in to the line up regularly.
  10. I'll go with Dusty Baker over a rocket scientist in regards to the astros line up. Especially if the rocket scientist thinks that Altuve doesn't belong in their top 6.
  11. Discounting his playoff at bats vs Tampa pitching when determining whether or not to bat him leadoff and leave Brantley in the RBI situation? Don't see the logic there. Brantley can't drive in Gurriel, Straw or MM/Castro if they can't get on. You're literally wasting his great contact behind those guys and it's not like brantley is going to help you a lot with his legs in that spot either. Altuve leading off is a no-brainer in this line up IMO. Sorry, this is a thread jack and we got off topic.
  12. I want Brantley in a position to drive in runs. He's best suited in the line up to do it. I'd like to see Altuve run a little more as well. Not so much with Brantley. Did you not see Altuve hit in the playoffs last year? Far from washed. They popped off 8 runs in an opener, Dusty's line up is ok.
  13. After watching them last night, I'm not sure how anyone could complain with the way it' set up. Straw is tolerable at 8 or 9 for now, Who better in that lineup to lead off ?
  14. Think the purpose of him batting 6th is that Dusty feels he's driving in runs, but running a little less. Not sure that i agree with it, but hard to argue with the results.
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