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  1. haha, good song... listening to 3 things! The Departed, my roommate complain about a trip to foxwoods, and another one playing team fortress 2
  2. Yes, thats the bands name, and its a good song too. and i'm currently listening to/watching the masters
  3. My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words
  4. currently listening to - my roommate's fan... yea its 11.10, i got up at 7 to register for classes, study, take a test. Now I'm back here and hes still not up...
  5. I pretty much only listen to rock. Taking Back Sunday is my favorite band, also a big fan of Angels and Airwaves, Blink 182, Something Corporate, The Used, and My Chemical Romance. However, its not just the punk rock, I also love Foo Fighters, RHCP, I'm a big Billy Joel fan, and I also have a lot of the older hits.
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