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  1. Total steal. He's only going to get better.
  2. The likely price of admission to get onboard with this guy back in the fall was a total steal in Dynasty. He's worth owning in redraft as well.
  3. Talent is now meeting opportunity. He's top 50 in the last two weeks.
  4. I don't think that matters. If he improves he gets minutes either there or the phone calls become so frequent and entertaining that he gets moved.
  5. The injuries cast doubt. No clue but he's not on my roster.
  6. I didn't realize we were talking about your son here. You tell me, Momma.
  7. I don't see him being any more motivated. He has a crap contract because every team said he wasn't good enough to draft. That's the motivation: guarantee money on a contract in alignment with his abilities.
  8. I mean he went undrafted and is making peanuts by comparison to his peers. Is he lighting a fire under the fire? 🤣
  9. Jacobs has three more TDs, that must have factored in. In terms of yardage and efficiency JR wins the showdown and that doesn't even take into consideration the lack of talent to take pressure off the undrafted RB. Jacobs was playing for a better team, with a better QB and a better coach and despite that JR looked superior.
  10. No, that's your strawman. If you'd like I can leave you two alone and you can have at it.
  11. Chris Paul is one of the greatest NBA players of all time and was playing at a high level before the playoffs last year. I think it was more likely that smart NBA teams still knew exactly what he was but the media and through them the fans, were clueless on various levels of the spectrum. Hill never was and never will be in the same universe at Chris Paul. We don't know what Maledon will be but sitting him to get a less s---y pick for Hill seems like a stupid idea. Maledon has immense potential, provided a glimpse of it and he's right there, right now. The pick is a pick, who knows
  12. How often have you seen a pocket passer have anything close to this kind of season and then bust? I can't think of any offhand. You see it with scrambling QBs who don't have an exceptional arm because defenses stay home, blitz hard and force them to beat them with their arm, which they then can't do in the short time they have to get it out. Herbert has an elite arm and he's very sharp. How are defenses taking away that? They couldn't do it to guys like Manning or Brady or Warner or Brees or any QBs who throw the ball on that level. Herbert is a much safer bet than any of the scrambling QBs wh
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