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  1. Ben's average nine cat rank in the last 30 days: 294th.
  2. People have been saying that's an indictment on the Rockets. Maybe or maybe it's an indictment on Ben Simmons.
  3. Ben Simmons is so overrated. He hasn't improved at all as far as I can tell. What's he doing in the offseason? Call of Duty?
  4. Its no absurd at all. To move up the way the 49er did speaks volumes about what they think bout the kind of player they're getting. They made a move like they were getting an elite player, a soon to be top tier QB. The only thing that would be absurd is if they're wrong after making that move. Close to everyone thinks like you? Well, last time I checked close everyone is usually wrong. That's why 1% of the population holds 99% of the wealth. That's why vast areas of the world are filled with trash. There's nothing wrong with what they did if they're right in the scouting.
  5. Hard to say seeing how I don't own a football team... Yet.
  6. That's what you think. They might think differently. You might be right, they might be right. If they're right then the trade a was good for them.
  7. Chances were that Rodger and Mahomes weren't going to be Rogers or Mahomes. Hindsight makes it look like no brainers now but many teams passed on both when they were the top QB and arguably the top players in their classes.
  8. Burn Of The Year candidate right here. Mediocre most of last season "erased" by weak end of schedule season memorable production now mixed with competition he didn't have last season. Then Andy Dalton is sprinkled on top. Enjoy that "RB1" price tag. Hahaha
  9. Depends on the player. How many picks would you pay to move up ONE spot to draft Aaron Rodgers or Patrick Mahomes?
  10. Wow, innocent until proven guilty but it looks like he may be a total creep scumbag.
  11. Drummond is gone. McGee is gone. Ladies and gentlemen, there's no Love in Cleveland right now either. Enter: D-Wade. In Yahoo leagues he has C, PF & PG eligibility. It looks like there may be minutes in the low to mid 20's available for this stretch big. He brings a little of everything in the boxscore. The Cavs aren't playing for anything either and so what do you think? Is he a good deep league prospect. By deep league, I'm talking +180(to 240 and up) players rostered.
  12. He's a good glue guy for a nine cat team. Great value for what he produces. Always undervalued.
  13. Theo Maledon if you can still land him. Desmond Bane is another. Super duper deep maybe Nassir Little. He flashed at times last year. He needs an injury or two to clear the way though.
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