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  1. Roster in sig. Sitting in the #2 waiver slot. It's highly unlikely that the manager at #1 will add anyone (it's a weird league). I wouldn't need to play Bell right away given my top 3 RBs are all pretty solid. I'd have the luxury of waiting on him to sign and then dangling him as trade bait to RB needy teams (one manager has Kittle on the block for a RB at the moment). On the flip side, my WR corps isn't all that strong and I really like Claypool's upside - not to mention already having Ben as my QB. Right now I'm leaning towards adding Claypool over Bell - but there's also the third option of keeping the #2 waiver slot in my pocket. Thoughts? Leave a link - WHIR. Thanks!
  2. To the crazy bastards who have kept this thread going for the whole season... touché. I now hope this guy finishes the season as the most explosive back ever...of all time...in the history of everything...amen.
  3. So the general consensus is Powell > Green? Got a solid waiver slot this week and I definitely want to pick up 1 of the 2.
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