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  1. Greinke left with a one-run lead after the homer. The game was not tied. Zack Greinke punched out 11 Phillies while surrendering two runs over seven innings in a 5-2 victory on Wednesday. Greinke surrendered only five hits -- one of them inexplicable -- and a walk. Skipper Don Mattingly allowed Greinke to bat in the seventh inning -- despite the fact that he was over 100 pitches -- and the hurler improbably doubled and then scored on Yasiel Puig's triple. Greinke then allowed a game-tying home run to pinch-hitter Jayson Nix to lead off the eighth and was promptly yanked for J.P. Howell. Al
  2. I have to say, the streaming quality on my Xbox One is terrible. Looks like it has a pastel overlay or something, very pixelated. And it's literally delayed by a full minute or more. My CBS scoring is updated to show an at-bat as being over, and I'm still looking at commercial break in progress.
  3. When the locator came up when it was trying to locate the game, it showed me in the right location in Ohio. But yah, looks like I'm going to drop money on a VPN again to avoid these headaches.
  4. I'm in SE Ohio right now (Pitt's regional network) and was blacked out from the KC/DET game and the SF/AZ game. Any ideas why?
  5. ^^ Don't think this would work for Saturday Fox Games, as games are blacked out for regardless of location. Could be wrong though.
  6. Maybe he should go back to trying to strike people out... WTH happened?
  7. Ok, who just blew his win? So frustrating.
  8. Is he out of the rotation when Anderson returns? Or is Parker?
  9. Definitely PS3. You need to pay for a subscription for Xbox Live in addition to your MLB.tv subscription. Despicable. Yeah, it's despicable if you're buying the device without the intent of online gaming, but Xbox Live is a lot better than the PS3 network for online gaming. There might be other, cheaper devices that have MLB.TV if you don't do a lot of gaming. Boxee Box I know has it, and for a cheaper route Rokus and Apple TVs might have it as well. Anyways, are we sure MLB.TV is getting rid of Saturday national blackouts next year? I have zero interest in this Reds/Phillies game.
  10. Looks like Anderson will be back next Friday, rehab start on Sunday.
  11. My 360 says it's always getting HD, i've got an 8 meg/s plan. I think you need 3-5 at least for HD streaming. The Xbox doesn't tell you what it's streaming in (720 or 1080), just has an HD symbol that's lit up when it's streaming in HD.
  12. It's called NexDef, I think. Don't download it.
  13. Anyone who would like to be able to stream their local team without having it blacked out, purchase a VPN service that gives you an IP address from a location around the country/world of your choice. I have confirmed it working. Watching the Tribe on STO in my living room and have the same STO station up on my PC in my office.
  14. This is an Xbox 360 setting, I fixed it if anyone else has this problem. How did you fix that subtitle thing on the xbox 360? I can't figure it out for the life of me. Thanks. You have to go into your Xbox Settings --> Console Settings --> Display Settings then there will be a setting for subtitles. I'm pretty sure that's it PM if you can't figure it out
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