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  1. The Ferrari is only fun if Ben can handle driving it. I think he's at the Prius stage of his career now...
  2. I agree, but the result is the same in the end. MB is garbage on our fantasy teams.
  3. Agree, holding at least another week to see what GB does in a Rodgers-less gameplan.
  4. Got to hold IMO, just to see what happens. If he lands in the right spot he could be so much more productive than anyone on the wire right now.
  5. I'm holding. Hard to tell what GB is going to do now, but the offense has to change with Rodgers out.
  6. Who knows what the Jets will actually do, but Forte hasn't looked good this year and now he has turf toe? I don't see him taking a large share of carries or receptions today.
  7. I've got the same choice, going with McGuire because Pats D looks softer against the run. Packers offense is so much more productive though, it's kind of a coin flip for those of us forced to start one of these guys.
  8. Is there still a job in this offense for a big hitter with Ben playing the way he is now?
  9. Sounds probable. That diving catch that Jones made on the sideline last week was impressive, he looks like he could have some receiving chops as well.
  10. I did too and came to basically the same conclusion. Ty doesn't plant and cut very fast, and his reading of the emerging holes isn't great. He looks way more natural catching passes out of the backfield and beating coverage to the edge for big gains. Ty is a real receiving threat out of the backfield, I don't think he's going anywhere in an offense that throws as much as GB. Timeshare time going forward.
  11. I stashed him this week. If he catches another TD on Monday night, he would cost a waiver.
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