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  1. Thanks! Lots of different opinions here. No consensus really. Tough choice.
  2. Lamb and it’s not even close. As a Ravens fan you never know which RB gets fed.
  3. I would bench Woods. I hate the White matchup. thanks for mine!
  4. McKinnon gets his chance and will have a big game. The next choice is tougher but I like Kelley. I think he get at least 1 TD.
  5. It’s a gamble but I think Taylor has an outside shot to be top 3 RB. Chubb shares his backfield and Adams is always hurt and up and down. Keenan Allen without Tyrod will help his value. Vikings Offense is trash but could lead to garbage points. Allen and Thielen is your choice. I would do it.
  6. I like Edelman. Yards per catch is with Cam is something like double what it was with Brady. Not even sure Fournette owns that backfield yet.
  7. That’s what I have at the moment and exactly what I am doing in my head right now. Lol You’re a mind reader. thanks!
  8. You have to start Waller especially after last game. Belicheck is going to focus on him but his floor is still high and his ceiling is last game. Roll with Waller.
  9. 12 Team / PPR - I am 0-2... Pick 2 please. Godwin Lamb Hollywood AJG Gage leave your link!
  10. I like Chark. Cinny is just so hard to trust for anything although Burrow throwing 60 times is tempting.
  11. JRob and Terry (it's close between Lamb but need to see a little more Lamb first)
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