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  1. Every team in our 6 team league is stacked lol! Kamara, Cook, and Hopkins were a result of an auto draft we did through Yahoo because no one else in the league has played FFB before and we got a late start. I got Thomas in a trade after he got inured. Sometimes, I wish I didn't have this "problem" because I never know which stud is going to put up a dud or go off on any given week.
  2. I also play in a shallow league with 6 teams and my team is stacked with "studs". The problem is that the studs are hard to predict on a weekly basis. For example, last week, my team performed as follows in half PPR: Starters: P. Mahomes: 31.28 D. Hopkins: 8.00 M. Thomas: 7.10 J. Jefferson: 22.50 A. Kamara: 5.70 D. Cook: 8.20 D. Waller: 4.30 J. Tucker: 2.00 Pitt: 14.00 Meanwhile, on my bench: A.J. Brown: 23.80 D. Montgomery: 22.80 A. Gibson: 34.10 A Robinson: 23.40 Last week was one of my wor
  3. I take it more seriously than I should. I actually had to take a hiatus from it for a while because it consumed me and I hated watching football games on TV. I'd get ticked if they threw to a WR instead of giving it to my RB at the goal line and I spent way to much time reading the stat lines at the bottom of the screen. I recently got back into it though because my son wanted to join a league with me. So, here I am, doing all the research I should and I am still losing games that I was projected to win because players put up duds of games (insert AJ Brown here lol). I have the most fanta
  4. And he busted on the one week I needed him not to with Mahomes and Julio on their bye weeks...ugh.
  5. It's not like the current Rams' kicker is lighting it up this year either though. [...] The potential is there for this guy, especially with Dalton at QB, but he is leaving a lot of points on the field.
  6. https://www.vikings.com/news/dalvin-cook-alexander-mattison-could-make-1st-career-start This is Mattison's first career start.
  7. Wait, don't the Dolphins play the Jets this week?? 🤔
  8. Do you have a link for this? I haven't been able to find out any info about this.
  9. Noah Fant (ankle) spotted at practice Denver Broncos tight end Noah Fant was spotted at Wednesday's practice. Fantasy Impact There is no word yet on what his participation level will be, but practicing on a Wednesday is always an encouraging sign for an injured player's potential availability. This is a situation to monitor closely as the week progresses.
  10. I don't know why he is so highly rated week after week and ROS. I know that he is getting decent targets in a pass heavy offense, but he is not turning them into points.
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