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  1. But is that just baseball revenue? Or is it the corporation making that much. Quite a few corporations that pwn MLB teams keep the baseball side separate from the rest. And each department is judged on its own merit for profit/loss.
  2. For the above bear in mind, that is just revenue and doesn't include operating expenses. So working capital would be much less.
  3. That part is true in that a corporation is more interested in the bottom line which makes the shareholders happier. It might be to early for 2016 data on revenue to be publicly available lr I could be just to tired to do a proper search but here is the MLB franchises revenue from 2015. It really doesn't appear that Toronto has the revenue to have a payroll like the Dodgers. https://www.statista.com/statistics/193645/revenue-of-major-league-baseball-teams-in-2010/
  4. For the Jays to offer say EE 4/80m they need revenue of approximately 106m dollars to cover it. It isn't just a simple matter of saying 4/80m without considering the exchange rate also. We can look at 4/80m as fair but in reality, it costs the Jays more to get that 80m.
  5. Aren't contracts based on US dollars? If that is the case then Cleveland offering a 10m contract just to match the Blue Jays would need to make the offer around 13.5m to equal out for the player. Don't know if it still works that way but at one point in time Canadian teams had to overpay to get players just to sign there.
  6. They do blackout the local games. But I have heard there are ways around that, I've never done it, but think you have to change your address or something in your mlb account, a quick google search I'm sure will give you the details. The game isn't blacked out for me. This is the weird part though, I lose visiting team feed.. I lose the mlb.tvstation feed also. Hope you were talking about the package deal.
  7. I am in the Twins blackout area. Strangest thing is when the Twins play at home I am blacked out of the away teams broadcast. But I still get the Twins feed as the home team which should be the first thing they black out. Then with MIL being like 450 miles from where I live I am constantly blacked out from their home game feeds.
  8. Could be where the ISP is located? I had problems with my mine as it got routed through a different area then where I live (southern MN). MLB kept saying that I lived in the blackout area for MIL. I can see the first one getting blacked out that way but the second game wouldn't make sense.
  9. This is why I left online MLBTV. I always was getting blacked out of games and having to spend time getting my IP address corrected. Got to be on a first name basis with customer help.
  10. Probably. But I don't care to stream. And the actual MLB.TV through the web site created more problems then the money I saved.
  11. I pay the extra to get the games from DirectTV. Way less problems with blackouts and having to call and get them to reset your IP address once a week. I get routed to a different zip code that blacks out the MIL games and I live close to 400 miles away it was a 30 minute hassle every week.
  12. It's cause it's on Fox. I get McCarver/Buck doing the RedSox/Yankee game. That Saturday blackout really sucks.
  13. Called customer service about this deal. It is true. Catch was you needed an email invitation to get it at the reduced price. That is according to them
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