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  1. Not watching the game but what is going on with him? I see his min played go up E wry quarter but he hasn't done anything on the stat sheet since about 6 min left in the 2nd (oops, he took a shot at the 10 min mark of the 3rd...🙄)
  2. I'm planning to. It was a good ride while it lasted
  3. Apparently it was over a free frosty (2 consecutive missed FTs), and since IT made the second, the fan gave him the double bird while yelling f*** you b**** repeatedly
  4. Relax, homie. It’s just a joke. Notice the word “already”?
  5. 3/10 from the stripe after 3 qtrs tonight...😱🤯😱🤯😱🤯😱🤯😱🤯 Stop it! My FT% is already dead!
  6. It makes me sad to say as a Husky and huge IT fan, but Rose
  7. Did he get hurt? He hasn't played since he subbed out at 4:41 left in the 3rd
  8. I'll say Richardson > Hayward > Nunn I think Butler's production will come at the expense of Nunn
  9. 15 team 9 cat roto league Someone in my league is panicking and offered me CJ McCollum for my John Collins. My team: Jamal Murray Josh Richardson Ingram Giannis Saric Drummond Harrell Ingles Fultz Thaddeus Young (dropping for IT after tonight) Seth Curry Kyle Anderson I'm second guessing myself on hesitating accepting this trade, right?
  10. Lou straight up is a heist for you. But adding Kuzma isn't a loss for you when the gain is still Ayton
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