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  1. I took the question as a pitcher that has struggled and broken out. I think Cease could mirror Giolito quite a bit. Will depend on consistency with his new approach.
  2. This sounds crazy, but he has had better numbers at Coors.
  3. Piggybacking on what Brock was saying about ADP and FYPD. I had a team trade up and take him at 14 ahead of me at 15. It isn't a pure FYPD player pool for reasons I will leave out, so he probably went at 17 if you are picking from the full player pool. But the point is that FYPD isn't a format where you are going off of ADP and rankings and things are predictable. All it takes is one team committing to their thoughts and taking a player well before his ADP. If you have conviction you shoot your shot and take your guy.
  4. I think a lot is being made of the playoffs and Whiteside and all of that. This team is not good. Their depth and wings are awful. I think Ariza is actually a good get for them to space the floor and keep defenses honest, but the roster needs to be tweaked. I hope the Blazers don't prioritize the playoffs this year over getting a step on the roster overhaul for next year.
  5. I think it is very obvious Sabonis is the alpha. I don't think Vic coming back helps him. I actually think he is talented/fantasy friendly, but not next to someone like Sabonis. If he lands on the right team I can see him performing much better.
  6. I think PG13 came back 9 months after the injury playing minutes in the teens for the last few games of the season. Nurk is almost at the 10 month mark. Everyone heals differently, but that is a positive. Nurk was never a big minutes guy. If he comes back playing minutes in the teens I think he can be serviceable even while he ramps up to minutes in the 20's. Last year he only played 27 mpg. I am going to assume he comes back off of the bench and if going to be force fed/featured on offense while he is on the court. I think it will be similar to Embiid in his first year or two where the
  7. Note to self, do not draft unless he is wearing a different uniform next year. It just isn't worth the price. I own zero re-draft shares, but it is pretty annoying in dynasty. A trade has to happen at some point. The Pacers aren't extracting enough value out of his salary.
  8. You should try tweaking your post a little to make it easier for us to give feedback. Provide the # of teams in the league so we know the depth. How is your team performing? What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses? You want to be strong Just guessing I would think you are pretty weak in blocks. Dejounte isn't the best fit because you seem like you would be good in 3's and he isn't a great fit. PJ is probably expendable with Zion and Bryant coming back soon-ish.
  9. I think I would drop Doumbouya over PJ, but I wouldn't really feel good about it. My first preference would be to try and do a quick 2 for 1 where I get rid of Draymond and IT to upgrade your guard spot a little bit. Seems like you have a lot of depth at forward. Holmes maybe is IR eligible so it might give you time to target teams that need forward depth.
  10. I get the frustration with the AC forum and here is my take on it. The AC forum is a long game. If you go in there just looking to get (oftentimes immediately) and not give you probably won't be happy. You need to establish a reputation and go in there and give thoughtful advice to people without expecting anything in return. Then when you need a hook up you can tap into that good will you already established. Eventually you probably find a couple users that you can go direct to seeking advice that you trust that you have helped and gotten help from along the way. I am not defending or knockin
  11. If you are talking fantasy then yea, Booker is on a heater and his team is losing. But at this time he isn't an elite two way player like the elite wings in the NBA. He is great on offense, but no where close to elite on defense. Saying he is carrying the Suns almost feels like saying Trae Young is carrying the Hawks. He is in the first year of a 5 year deal. I get that contracts don't mean too much in terms of control, but Booker knew what he was getting into. I actually think the Suns made a huge improvement with their roster and just need to get everyone healthy and settled into roles
  12. It has more to do with saric than baynes. Dario is in a wicked slump, but when he snaps out of it he should get minutes. Last night some combo of randle/Taj/Mitch Rob/portis allowed them to play big most of the night. I wouldn't worry too much about baynes. Ayton got 37 minutes. He is the primary big. I find it encouraging that they shared the floor last night and won and produced on a night Booker was in fire. Just wait until he gets in a rhythm offensively.
  13. Yes, you can have opinions, but you need to voice them respectfully and in the right place... ...and the right place for your "talking smack when he struggles" is in this thread:
  14. I dont think Boucher is on the radar in 10 team. You can't trust his minutes. If he does carve out minutes in the 20s, which is a huge if, they are short-term so there shouldn't be any FOMO. Gasol and Siakam will return, and when they do Boucher is probably going to pick up DNP-CDs since Ibaka is now healthy. I get the appeal of Boucher and I own shares in dynasty and redraft. But every game that goes by is one less game for him establishing a larger role and one less game Siakam and Gasol miss. Just unfortunate that we don't get to see him get 24-30 mpg consistently to see what he can d
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