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  1. Pick 5 is almost definitely going to be the best offensive lineman in the draft. Everyone is focusing on how much of help that is to Burrow, but it theoretically should help Mixon a great deal as well.
  2. Dalton is definitely a wildcard. He's spent the last few years running for his life and suffering with a crap coaching staff. He's not that old (33) and could have something left. We will see but a smart fantasy manager will not extrapolate Dalton's Chicago future based on his Bengal's past to too much of a degree. Of course some of it is on him, but the Bengals are a dumpster fire and that is definitely a factor. And you know Dalton has something to prove this year......
  3. IMO he was saving face. Being paid as highly as he is and demanding a trade, it had to be a big blow to his ego that he couldn't be the starter. This is a former All Pro that can't beat out Darrel Williams for the change of pace role. It must have been embarrassing and he was just saying that to make people think he is ok with not seeing the field. He probably wants to be the guy still. 27 is not that old...old for a RB sure but not that old. He likely still wants to play and I doubt he wants to go out like this.
  4. The only debate Brady should be in is if he is the greatest athlete of all time in any sport. Ridiculous for him not to be the best NFL player.
  5. Right. I'm just countering the argument that he is apathetic after getting paid. That's all. I don't disagree with you. I think he cares for a number of reasons. I think Bell might be disappointed in his role on Sunday though.
  6. Do you have any evidence to support that he will be in a committee next year? There is some percentage chance that any RB in the league will be in a committee next year, so your statement really isn't worth much unless you can provide some evidence. Heck, they could even put CMC in some sort of committee bc of all the injuries this year. You never know. But that's totally speculation. Where's your evidence?
  7. I dunno. If he was really just happy to be paid and no longer gave a s*** then why not stay with the Jets? East coast, can party, etc. The team is terrible anyway. Plus he came into the season in great shape. I think he wanted to be a good player this year. It's more likely that his body just didn't cooperate.
  8. Uh - why would they do this? I mean...yes they can and should add quality RBs if possible, but the guy had a huge year and was the centerpiece of this offense. Why would they focus on a position where they have a really good player? And why on earth is RBBC likely when he just went the entire year as the bellcow?
  9. Has Belichick said anything about Brady making the Superbowl? Anything along the lines of "I'm happy for him"? Or just radio silence? I checked the interwebs...could not find anything. I don't know if I should be surprised that no media person has asked Bill for a comment or, even, a direct question if it impacts his legacy. Would LOVE to see a reporter with the balls to ask him that.
  10. Yeah but we all know soccer is dirty. The home team pays the refs! The refs are scared of the fans! Lol. Honestly, there are some crazy stories regarding international soccer. Good luck if you lose and you're on the North Korean national team. Say hi to your local prison camp.
  11. One caveat to this that I just read. Normally the teams travel to the Superbowl city 1 week prior, but the Chiefs are traveling to Tampa one DAY before the game. I guess all media events will be virtual too. So...maybe not that much of an advantage for Tampa as the Chiefs will all be home too.
  12. Home field for TB definitely isn't 3 points, but it shouldn't be 0 either. Yes, totally agree that there's no advantage with a supportive, loud crowd in the SB. However, there are definitely advantages here. Familiarity with the stadium, for one. It's comfortable. I know in my limited athletic experience that I always liked playing at home better than going away, even if there wasn't much of a crowd. Being able to sleep at home in your own bed. Being close to your family. Getting home cooked meals. Etc. How much is that worth? I dunno...maybe a point?
  13. That's a really interesting comment. Who are the good guys and who are the villains? You could argue that Brady is the villain because the dude wins so much. Or he's the sentimental favorite. What would have made this more fun is if Mahomes had lost the SB last year. Then it's the young hungry superstar seeking redemption vs. the legend trying to defeat Father Time. Or Michael Jordan going for his first championship vs. Magic. What we have is still pretty great though. I thought Green Bay-KC would be a better game, but this is a better story.
  14. Manning way better than Brady. At golf.
  15. The Bills faced defenses geared to stop Josh Allen and the passing attack every week. I'm sure you realize that Zack Moss and Devin Singletary don't scare anyone. The Bills regularly won with pass heavy plans despite this. You're monday morning quarterbacking. Yes, the Chiefs played great against the pass yesterday. But the Bill went with what they have done ALL YEAR, which is to have Josh Allen win games with his arm and sometimes his legs. Their plan never changed, and it should not have. Your low opinion of the Bills pass catchers is your own. I can point to Josh Allen's 4500+ y
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