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  1. Gronk didn’t comr out of retirement to block. He came to catch passes from his pal Brady. He’s starting to shake the rust off (remember no preseason). Jump on the Gronk train now while you still can.
  2. You play your best guy & ride him. It’s Hendo time until further notice.
  3. I’m dropping him as we speak. Luckily was on my bench.
  4. When in his career was Jordan Howard a goal line specialist?
  5. The Jordan Howard goal line substituting is extremely damaging to Gaskin’s value. Why these teams think their starter is incapable of getting 1 yard near the goal line escapes me.
  6. Death, Taxes, and Julio injured at some point every season.
  7. As a Mixon owner last year it’s the same this year. Blame it on the o-line. If your an elite back you find a way to churn out production. There is nothing special about a Mixon & he runs soft.
  8. Think we are gonna have a nice performance tomorrow night: 97 rushing yards & 1 TD 15 receiving yards on 3 catches
  9. This could not be setting up better for this guy. Akers has just looked average and now is dinged up. Malcolm Brown, is, and always will be a back up. This is Henderson’s job to lose at this point.
  10. Zach Moss is just a rookie. However I don’t see anything special about him. The reality is that Allen is a goaline hog so I’d avoid any Bills backs for the next few years.
  11. As a fellow owner, what would make you more upset of these two decisions in week 3: 1) you start him and he puts up another donut 2) you bench him and he has a double digit fantasy points I think it would be #2 for me. You gotta think he gets more involved this week. He must have peeved off the coaches or something. You don't just disappear.
  12. He’s gonna rebound on Monday night...he’s not elite but don’t write this guy off yet. At home vs the Bungals? Doesn’t get better then that.
  13. This dude is washed up. Don’t be fooled by his name...he’s not the player he was 2 years ago. It’s so obvious. He was shredding every week and now can’t crack 50 yards & doesn’t catch balls much anymore. This may sound crazy...but he’s bench material unless you are desparate.
  14. It’s starting to scare me....but he really is reminding me of a young Mark Sanchez. I don’t think he’s the QB people think he can be. It’s early in his career...but I’m not sure I see anything special.
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