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  1. Looks like he may be a product of the juiced ball in 2019. Not to mention the lionshare of his stats compiled that season were against arguably the worst pitching staff of all time (Baltimore). I've never been as high on him as some because of his lack of speed/defense (he's just not a good athlete) but I thought the bat would at least keep afloat for a few years.
  2. Last couple of days gives me the peace of mind I need to drop Knebel.
  3. Velocity is down, command is gone... I think he's just shot.
  4. Doolittle looks shot. That stuff isn’t going to play at the big league level.
  5. Looked like the same guy with the same results. Easy cut for me, can’t wait around for guys like this in a 60-game season... he’s a long ways off.
  6. Could happen. But Soto is virtually the same age as Vlad and his approach is light years ahead of him right now. All depends on how they progress in their development, but Soto has a major head start.
  7. He's never going to be Soto or Acuna but he'll still have some great peak years.
  8. In his last 1300 PA, he's managed to hit 29 home runs. That's mind-numbingly bad in the juiced ball era.
  9. Had a pretty rough 2H last year, albeit the walks were still there. He's a bit underwhelming in 5x5. Doesn't help in average, decent power but everyone has decent power nowadays, no SBs... I'd take him at the right price but not really itching to have him on my team again.
  10. Wouldn't call him a good hitter. He put up a 100 wRC+ which is a big improvement over his first couple of seasons but he still has a long ways to go. His plate discipline is still very poor and as slaty alluded to his swing path is far from ideal.
  11. How much of a discount are people getting him at right now? He's still undergoing tests so there's obviously a wide range of outcomes here... he could end up missing a week or he could end up missing the season if that pectoral muscle is torn or if he needs some type of surgery. Tough to really put a $ value on him until we know more
  12. Second straight year of 9 k/9 as well which is nothing to write home about in this era. That'd place him 25th among qualified starters this year. Not exactly what you expect given the raw stuff (which I still think is oversold by some) and the pedigree.
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