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  1. I think Carter took a step forward today. He may reward those of us who thought that talent would win out. I guess it depends how the coaches see it.
  2. I drafted him a lot based on the notion that talent wins out. Not worried about Coleman, but I am hearing that Ty Johnson has enough juice to be a barrier to Carter's ascent. I know Ty Johnson is above Carter on the depth chart. Is there a noticeable talent disparity between the two?
  3. I believe based on talent and explosiveness, Fournette could beat out Jones for the early down role. The question is whether Fournette can remain healthy and engaged for the whole season. I agree Leonard will share the early down role with Ronald Jones, with Arians employing the same hot hand approach he used last year. Bernard is not only a great pass catcher, but he is also an excellent blocker. Giovani will maintain a tight grip on the 3rd down role.
  4. I am too. Mixon hasn't been the picture of health during his career. And Gio played a role even when Mixon was healthy, albeit a minor one.
  5. Joined. Would prefer to do it sooner if possible. I am good either way. Thanks!
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