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  1. glad i wasn't the only one who thought that was a very high weekly limit for a small team.
  2. I was about to go into a rant about why I'm right and before I hit send I decided to check whatever his grades were on and fangraphs. They have him at 55 fv raw power but 60! Fv game power. So i guess I'm the dumb dumb here, but this might be the first time I've ever seen that. If anyone more familiar with scouting wants to chime in on why this is such a rare occurrence.
  3. Is it possible for game power to exceed raw power? I would assume inherently no.
  4. That response was honestly one of the most entertaining posts I've read in a while. Cespedes could be good, in no way am I writing off a prospects career, ever. He's still quite young Just not for me. If it's a deep league and there's a low acquisition cost, it's fine. If he's as good as his brother and coming into the league earlier, that's a really good player to have on a team. In a 2nd or 3rd round of a FYPD, I'd probably find someone I like a little more.
  5. You quoted me on the previous page saying that Cespedes was 22 not 20. TK was merely trying to gauge where did you get under the impression that anyone said he was 20. My post went out of my way to say that I'm low on Cespedes because he's 22, and that I'd rather invest in someone younger when dealing with prospects.
  6. bullpen might be for him, but he has the arsenal to start and the Angels have a pretty weak rotation. He should get the shot if his body can hold up.
  7. He's either unowned in your dynasty league or probably misvalued. Should be one of the top pitching prospects due to upside and proximity I think. If he sucks, you'll know soon. I love someone like Blake Walston, but don't see how someone like this shouldn't be much more valuable. Worth checking in on the C-Rod owner in dynasty leagues and see if you can get him as a throw in to a bigger trade.
  8. Before I start, h/t to @F@ndemoniumfor bringing him to my attention. Here's what I said in the deep sleepers thread recently "Chris Rodriguez SP LAA- If you're a TINSTAPP, Chris Rodriguez is your ideal guy. High upside, close to the majors, low cost. Hopefully the version of Vince Velazquez that works. Some are saying he's the best pitcher that the Angels have after Bundy. Injury is the big question for him. I'm a big believer in paying a discount for guys who could be great if healthy and have the injury tag on them." Here is what has happened so far today
  9. In no way am I suggesting Nimmo is a first rounder or Acuna isn't, but Nimmo is a really underrated player. Career WRC+ Bryce Harper 138 Acuna 137 Betts 136 Bellinger 137 Yelich 135 Nimmo 133 Conforto 127
  10. for that few spots? OK then, seems like a lot by glance for a minimum with only 5 spots for starting pitchers, but I don't play in too many leagues like that so if that's standard so be it.
  11. man I have no idea what you're asking honestly. 42 IP for 1 week is too much for that few spots. 42 IP for the year seems like way too few.
  12. I think the easy answer is he's somewhere in between both. I'd be much more likely to throw out a weird short 2020 than I would be 2019 even if pitchers adjusted. He's pretty much across the board a 250 hitter in projections, which is significantly above his 212 BA last year. He's certainly going to lose value in keeper/dynasty leagues if he can't maintain 2b elligibility, wouldn't be terrible to shop him in some leagues if people aren't hip to that, but I wouldn't be giving him away just because he's losing 2b ellig. Big hole in his swing is up middle, I'm guessing there's a dece
  13. Can't get stuff off the ground if you can't. Buy yeah you're right. People like to just harp on his weight in these threads every year but the groundball rate is what matters most.
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