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  1. Didn’t expect Gimenez to show this sort of power , or maybe he’s hot, but he really needed some power or walks to add to his profile to become something . Maybe that’s happening .
  2. 3 game hitting streak and they wanted him in the lineup so badly today, they put him in at DH for the first game and at catcher the 2nd game.
  3. He often looks lost at the plate early, but he'll get super hot at some point if he can stay healthy.
  4. Willie Calhoun activated and batting 7th Adolis is batting cleanup Adolis is a pretty good defender FYI, I believe and Calhoun is not, he's a DH. Also worth noting Nate Lowe, Willie Calhoun, Joey Gallo, AND David Dahl are LH hitters. Garcia is a right. He'll be very useful breaking that all up (assuming he hits decently)
  5. looks like a swing that will play in the majors to me, but i'm not a scout
  6. It’s been two weeks with many ppds for him. If he kept this up for another two weeks my answer would be the same. It’s not pandemic quick season anymore.
  7. Perfect then. He's a good hitter who is now maybe on PEDs. Even better. In all seriousness, curious if he gets a day off or he's still hitting cleanup today.
  8. As I said, I'm not putting much stock into 2020 (for anyone). It's weird that you would feel so strongly about 2020 and roster him in 2021 if you felt that way only to cut him after 2 starts. He could be done, but I'll wait it out on my bench, I don't play in 12 team leagues with a few bench spots.
  9. I just don’t think many of the starters on the waiver wire have the upside Corbin does if he can fix himself. 2 bad starts it’s still just 2 bad starts. 2020 doesn’t count for me when evaluating players. It was also a very small sample in a weird year. I’ve seen Corbin have spouts of ineffectiveness without being able to locate his fastball and have bad stretches. I just rather him sit on my bench for a few more games and read analysis than drop him for someone who just had one good game or something. In a shallow league might be different. He might have cost me my matchup in a
  10. I'd much rather hold onto Corbin than pick up Cahill or Gant. That seems nutty to me. I certainly think there's a level of pitcher that might be worth speculating on, but it's been 2 starts and those guys are waiver wire fodder in almost every league. I have liked Cahill at times, but he's never held it together.
  11. Guess we’ll find out soon enough. Batting cleanup tonight again vs a righty. Certainly should be owned in deeper 5 of leagues at the minimum now
  12. Easy hold and bench unless it's a shallow league.
  13. You brought up Nelson Cruz earlier. I think it’s worth adding that Nelson Cruz has been the most consistent outperformer of his ADP in the last decade. Not really sure who he’s competing against in that either. So if he’s on PEDs or not , he’s been a valuable fantasy player at cost for many years .
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