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  1. I started him in the one league I own him. I don't roster pitchers I wont throw at the Pirates, even with Hayes back. Maybe he was using the sticky stuff and not he not and it's helping. Who knows. He loooked great against a terrible team, but that's what you want to see from any pitcher. I still don't agree with the blanket write him off forever. He's not that old and his velo hasn't diminished.
  2. He's not a consensual top 10 prospect, but he's trending to be that by years end. I would try hard to avoid trading him away in deals unless you're getting something great. If you don't gave hum, certainly a target.
  3. I really like Jimmy Nelson on the Dodgers, might be their best reliever
  4. The closer in velo gets to major league average he's certainly a guy who becomes increasingly more interesting with each MPH gained after sitting in the 80s. The velocity was his biggest question. If he answers that, there are no questions I guess. Checks off a lot of boxes otherwise.
  5. I think because he has low velocity. Many don't think that k rate can translate to these caliber hitters.
  6. Last year in the playoffs you had to be worried about Morton Snell and glasnow when playing the Rays. They have none of those guys now.
  7. You love to see him get on base 4 times out of 4 last night. This is like the anti-adolis pickup OF, amazing discipline but with less sexy power.. Still though, they are both good in different ways. OBP/ leagues probably a big plus here. And you always love a guy who is giving you good ration % with steals. Seems like a potential 20-20 guy in a full season.
  8. It's a slow start, the walks are encouraging and make me think it's a matter of time before he gets hot.
  9. At least those are more heavily weighed from his first two starts. He's been much better at that in his last 2, and they were a lot longer as well
  10. Unless you're in a QS league it probably doesn't matter if he starts or comes in after an opener, often it's probably better if he starts the 2nd inning and misses the top of the lineup.
  11. How those guys started their careers has nothing to do with how Duran will. Trout started awful and Aquino started amazing . Neither Duran being a good contributor or an initial bust would surprise me .
  12. I guess Kelenic was a disaster for two weeks or whatever. I have 0 concerns that he will be a good mlb player .
  13. No definitely not, that would be Kelenic or maybe Jullio Rodriguez. Fraley's ceiling is much lower, but he's underrated and could produce right now.
  14. He was never good. Stole 8 in 2020 bases and got traded for LIndor and it got people very excited. He was essentially a league average hitter in AA in 2019 with a 250 average and not walking a lot with not much power. I don't mind people who pick a guy like this up midseason and run him while he's hot, but his ADP seemed unreasonable to me. His ceiling wasn't even that high to warrant the optimism. He's only 22 though, so there's certainly plenty of time to turn his career around. Not a top 200 pick for 2022 to say the least, probably 300. (he was like 130 this year).
  15. Nah, don't think he's done yet. Just a rough patch. Doesn't help that he just went against Kershaw/Bauer/Buheler.
  16. He's absolutely raking this year in his 65 PAs and has 40 SB too. He's better in OBP leagues, but I don't think he'll be a batting average drain either. His playing time hasn't been consistent, but there's just 0 reason he shouldn't be playing every day right now. He might be their best outfielder with Kelenic down, close with Hanniger anyway. 182 WRC+ on the season so far and that's before he hit a bomb today. Should be owned in 12 team 5 OF leagues at the minimum.
  17. It's pretty crazy how good of a lineup they have. Also Alejandro Kirk has been hurt and he projects to be one of the top hitting catchers in baseball.
  18. In one league I tried so hard to trade in for any pick between like 19-26 to get him and couldn't.. Shame. He's good, thats a great pick by you.
  19. Honestly might be the #1 pitching prospect right now. If you can get him for not paying anywhere near that (or available on the wire), I'd pounce.
  20. Not wrong often sadly. The Vlad detractors from the milb thread don’t even post here anymore. I’m still alive and well. Already acknowled that I misunderstood the comment, either way doesn’t really matter where someone is drafted, it matters where the finish. If nobody wants to draft him at #1 next year and he does what he did this year , not my problem.
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