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  1. Well he's questionable for tonight so that's a positive.
  2. That is the key. He looks motivated and spry out there, really active on both ends. I'm glad the guy in my league gave up on him after the trade because he thought Griffin/Jordan would create a PF/C logjam.
  3. Sucks to see him pop off. I dropped him after Adebayo returned and he was promptly scooped up when he got traded
  4. He is cooking. Might be my ticket to victory lol
  5. Need to see more news about the injury to assess if he's a drop.
  6. You'd think so but there's always a couple team managers that are scouting players just like you are with tools like this forum lol
  7. What a stud. Top 10 player over the last couple weeks and top 20 on the season despite all the noise surrounding him.
  8. This guy has been on and off my team 4 times. He has now been added a 5th time, just when I thought I was done with him.
  9. Just when I thought I was done... He réels me back in again
  10. Has the team actually been that good in his absence? Looking at the gamelog since he went out, they've been .500 In any case, I believe he's easily their best facilitator after Lamelo so I'm expecting him to carve out 25-28 mins each game, with upside for very low 30s
  11. Colangelo (the Raps GM at the time) had an infatuation with finding European and other foreign gems. Those "gems" included names like Rafael Araujo and Charlie Villaneuva. Those were dark days as a Raptors fan.
  12. Waivers? You must play in a trash league Why the heavy discontent with this guy though? Despite his struggles this year he did have a lingering knee problem that required surgery. I understand the complaints of him looking disinterested, but I would be too without KAT (who was out the entire time D'Lo was playing to start the year). Perhaps they sign Nance Jr. and have a neat 2nd half. I'm not holding my breath, but the kid has top 50 upside so I'd never drop him outright like that.
  13. I'm adding for Danuel House and seeing what happens. Could have a nice bounce back in the second half, especially with a lack of solid/consistent wing options in Chicago.
  14. lol none of those guys should be floating on wires at this moment unless 0 IL and 10-team and under lol
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