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  1. Yo I literally just watched highlights of their last game and didn't take in they only have 7 wins. That's sad and you're correct.
  2. No. It's not the worst type of surgery for a knee and they are still within reach of the playoff tournament.
  3. Rotoworld has a wonderful forum but their analysts suck a**
  4. Excellent response to the added minutes tonight
  5. He might actually be the primary C for WAS when it all shakes out. I've added speculatively in a couple leagues for the end of my bench. If he doesn't pan out, oh well
  6. He is just so good to own in a punt assist build. Kinda makes me feel better about missing out on RoCo in my draft.
  7. He's making sure Otto has no chance to get a regular spot once his back heals up. What a smooth operator this kid is. Give him some damn minutes and looks so he can work.
  8. Yeah I'm thinking Wednesday at latest. Don't see him back this week and that's okay
  9. Have you ever had to deal with turf toe as an athlete? It's a pretty wack injury depending on the degree to which the toe is fractured.
  10. The fact that he was on waivers is a win for you lol. Just hold if you can afford to
  11. Well then you just sit tight with KAT. Don't see why people are complaining now. It's not like the Wolves were gonna be a playoff contender this year realistically since it would have been the first season with D'Lo/KAT playing together with their current team. There's no shutdown risk in my eyes because the dude has played on nothing but losing teams in his career, and before this year was generally an ironman with no vast injury history.
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