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  1. I don’t think he’d take that Evans offer but Try Walker/Westbrook for ARob I’d keep Hock and Andrews for their upside and try to package Walker thanks for mine
  2. Davis or Reed. If Reed is active this week, drop Davis I would hang on to your RB's for now and play it week to week to see who emerges Thanks for mine
  3. Yes No need for 3 TE's and I would rank Hockenson last ROS out of the 3 anyways. I'm a believer in Montgomery this year Basically trading your TE3 for a potential RB2/Flex Thanks for mine
  4. Golladay, Tyrell Williams, or Breida for my Flex spot in a 10 team PPR league WHIR
  5. Thanks. Hmm should I try something like Harris and Gordon for Turner?
  6. Thanks. I'm looking to get Myles turner. The owner seems to panic just based on his waiver transactions. If I can't get a 2 for 1, would you drop anyone on my current lineup for smart ?
  7. Thanks. Marc Gasol. I probably won't trade Lowry and Bledsoe right now because they have low value but I'm gonna try trading Rubio
  8. 10 team h2h 8 cats Punting fg% PG: Lillard, Lowry, Rubio, Bledsoe SG: G. Harris, J. Richardson SF: jaylen brown, Ingles, prince PF: A.Gordon, Chriss C: cousins, gasol There are some good players on waivers as well Waivers: Ariza, j. Collins, Danny green, w. Matthews, smart, hood, tj warren, Thad young, nance, randle Leave a link !
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