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  1. We have a small high-score-for-the-week award every week, all the way through week 17, even though our championship is week 16.
  2. He's right on the fence for me. I'm trying to decide between him, Dobbins, and Coutee. I'm most worried about the hamstring, wouldn't want him to aggravate it early on and get a 0.
  3. He got some run and looked explosive, but it seems like Snell is still the main backup?
  4. Is Cleveland still worth stashing for their week 15/16 matchups, even after their recent performance?
  5. I am interested in this as well. Is he for sure safe to drop this week or is there a chance at a reduction? At least waivers don't run until Friday now (Yahoo) so there is a little extra time to find out.
  6. Is he just a 1 week play, or is there a chance all these QBs are still out for next week?
  7. I need to drop either Mims or Perriman before the late games. Which one? I likely won't be starting either one next week, so whichever I keep is more of a potential stash for the playoffs.
  8. I'm starting over Dobbins, for reference point.
  9. What's the upside here now? Is there even a scenario where he can get to RB2 status ROS anymore?
  10. With his bye coming up, maybe he's safe to drop and then if you still really like him you can probably get him back next week?
  11. As long as he can stay in an IR spot I'm hanging on, otherwise I'll probably bail.
  12. Chris Thompson apparently returning this week. Is Guice still a hold on this news?
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