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  1. Go with Akers and JRob.. I wouldn’t overthink it. Help?
  2. Where do y’all have him now with Julio out? [...]
  3. Brees for me. But it’s close. help?
  4. Hail Mary? Roll Pollard. help? https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/834326-pick-1-wr-gage-coutee-ab/
  5. Which WR? Gage, Coutee, or Antonio Brown?
  6. Akers and Robinson no doubt in my mind... Pollard #3 help?
  7. Mostert. Conner has been mediocre at best I would take the upside play. help?
  8. I would sit Wilson. Lockett can pop off at any moment. Don’t sit him. help?
  9. They are close ... but I would roll AB against the Falcons. Help?
  10. I like Gallman as well. I think he’s got a sku high ceiling with a relatively high floor. I wouldn’t overthink it, roll Gallman. Help?
  11. Need help on theses will help you! Keke Coutee or Antonio Brown? Cole Kmet or Dalton Shultz?
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