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  1. Wrong. Kolb is way more mobile than Skelton. Stats say otherwise. Stats can sometimes be misleading. Kolb is indeed way more mobile (especially throwing on the run). But Skelton is better for Fitz, so I like him more still.
  2. Not going into week 7 they didn't. Plus MIN has gone up against TEN, IND, DET. All on the lower end of yards per rush in the league. The worst rush team SF has gone up against is NYJ. Not nearly as bad as TEN or IND. yeah they were. here's the stats for weeks 1-6 for Minnesota and SF versus RBs Min: 113 carries for 326 yards. 2.88 YPC. 1 TD. SF: 129 carries for 438 yards. 3.40 YPC. 1 TD. SF gave up more carries, more yards, and more YPC. It's not like the 49ers have had tough matchups either. Benson, Greene, Smith, Spiller/FJax both at less than 100%, and Bradshaw don't exactly st
  3. Lynch is the best RB in the league at breaking tackles and he is his team's offense, that's why he's matchup proof. I'm not ready to anoint Powell as an elite RB, and Fitz is their team's offense. RBs have been averaging under 50 yards against Minnesota, to expect 80 and a TD is getting ahead of ourselves. In fact MJD is the only RB who has managed more than 65 yards against Minnesota, and Morris is the only RB who scored a TD. Yeah, it's not possible, but 40 yards and no TD is also possible and probably slightly more likely. SF has allowed over 65 yards in four games now, compared to one
  4. Two different guys. I don't use words like floor, but I would not be surprised if he managed 75 yards in a game. Williams was really bad. Rams defense is slightly underrated too, they've faced all good RBs so far except for Williams [Kevin Smith, Morris, Michael Bush (without Forte), and Lynch]. That said, Powell better show up big, because after a pretty good Buffalo matchup he goes against Min and SF. But yeah, he's definitely not a sure thing and could end up the same as Williams. But he could also turn into a RB2. Don't burn a #1 waiver claim on him, but worth a pickup still. I bet
  5. He suffered a concussion last week. Last weeks usage tells us nothing about his usage or situation going forward.
  6. No way. Green is the #1 claim this week. Powell, I would say is about equal to Starks, both of which are worth a grab for sure if there's any way you can make room on your bench. Powell is the better pickup if he's able to play this week, otherwise Starks is.
  7. I picked this guy up in a lot of my yahoo leagues. People are going to be like WTF?!? when they look for him in waivers and he's already gone. Arian Foster 3.0!!! This stud averaged 7 YPC* against the stout rams defense! *on one carry
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