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  1. Sano? SaYES! Solo HR. I love this guy. I don't care that he strikes out more than I do at a singles bar.
  2. Yep, Machado's spiking and now this haven't helped. Part of the disappointment is the general lack of production by the Sox offense. Pedey's OBP is still .358, not bad. If the guys after him were raking, he'd at least still contribute R and AVG over your garden variety MI. I'm holding b/c the MI options aren't much better and I still have a Homer's hope that the offense will heat up post-ASB.
  3. Maybe they pull a Dodgers and keep rotating a guy through the 10-day DL. I just hope they at least make up cool excuses for it. McCullers lands on the 10-day DL, retroactive to June 18, with amoebic dysentery. Keuchel goes back on the DL with lexical-gustatory synesthesia (a taste is experienced when hearing words, e.g., hearing the words "Craig Biggio" taste like waffles).
  4. My poor, poor missing RBIs BECAUSE THEY ARE BATTING HIM LEAD OFF. I know I shouldn't complain, but I still will.
  5. Lol, whatever buddy. To each his own. I've never advocated anyone else sitting him or dropping him, just commented on how I've been using him (or not) in a way that's comfortable for me. All the pro-Vargas points being made are totally valid. My hesitancy is rooted in pure risk avoidance (I am extremely conservative when it comes to SPs; I don't feel irrationally about other positions). If I had drafted Vargas, I might feel differently, but he was a waiver wire pick (as he probably was for 95% of us) -- that probably accounts for the different view of him versus other top 12 pitchers (well tha
  6. This is feeling that I can't shake with Vargas, that the Ratio Apocalypse is just around the corner. And that's crazy for a Top 12 pitcher! Honestly, do you look at a tough Strasburg start and say, "Hm, playing @ MIL, better sit him." No way. But I find myself doing that with Vargas. I did start him for the CGSO b/c it was at home and against a CLE team he'd beaten already. I sat him for both NYY games, one of which worked out in my favor but neither of which I regretted. And I feel the same way against a HOU lineup that can hit top to bottom. There's a good chance he
  7. It matters more in roto leagues with IP caps. Since you have only a set number of innings (i am in leagues with a 1450 IP limit and 1300 IP) you want to maximize the good K/9 and win oppos. Not blowing up your ratios is also important. As i said above, he's just a guy that I don't have a lot of confidence in despite the early success. I just use him for good matchups.
  8. Over his last 5 starts, he has only 19 Ks in 32 IP. If he's not striking people out, I worry about what they will do to those 85 mph pitches. I feel like it's not a matter of if, but when, he gets shelled. I didn't advise anyone to sit him, just noted that I am not starting him. Since I play in roto leagues with IP limits, I can be choosy with whom I start. To me, despite how well he has done, he's not someone who screams set it and forget it like other guys. I play the matchups. I know I've left some good starts on the table, but I care less about missing out on thos
  9. On my bench as well. The potential to get rocked is too big, and the likelihood for a win vs Keuchel is too low. Finding it hard lately to confidently put him out there, even if he's not pitching terribly.
  10. Curious what he ranks in a league like that? Do the rest of the counting stats make up for it, and will they when his avg drops into the .250-.260 range?
  11. Man, they're just making stuff up now. Roberts: Uh, Alex hurt his, uh, anterior posterior cruciatus. uh, medial covfefe nerve. He should be back once Hill gets another blister. Uh, I mean, once he's cleared by doctors.
  13. Yes. I picked up Cozart and Owings early on and they've been awesome value for practically nothing. Only worry with Cozart is that he gets dealt to a bad situation, sapping his value. Apparently he's high on the Reds' trade list.
  14. May I suggest voodoo? You can use the doll I made for Hanley (pretty good likeness if I do say so myself):
  15. I don't get it either. Either the shoulder issue is affecting his hitting, not only his ability to play in the field. Or they are really missing Big Papi - though I don't see how this would affect Hanley since he always hit after him, not before (that was my worry for Betts, that he'd see less good pitches without Papi behind him).
  16. Yeah, I don't get it. Guys like these are gift horses - ride them for what you can and sit (or drop) them when production tails off. Like I'm doing with Adam Frazier, Vargas, German Marquez (btw, worst alias for a Nazi emigre to Argentina ever), etc. In a competitive league, no one is giving you what they are worth in their short-term productive life. And if you are in a league that is willing to trade established guys for Altherr...well, then you probably shouldn't need Altherr to win your league.
  17. Crap. His velo started going down noticeably and he was having trouble finding the strike zone. Hopefully nothing serious.
  18. Yes, but not in Colorado!! Save that for another ball park. This is the spark he needs, the thin, refreshing air of Denver!
  19. He will probably be in the games against LHP (haven't looked at who they'll face other than the Wily one tomorrow), to also give Moreland a rest.
  20. Peraza is 1 for 10 lifetime against Nova, with 1 2B, 2 RBI but only 1 K. Plus Nova has an amazing 22:1 K/BB ratio, so doesn't look too likely Peraza will get on without hitting the ball. (Nova does have 1 HBP, so maybe Peraza can channel his inner Don Baylor)
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