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  1. Any thoughts on him in dynasty format? I get this year will probably be hit or miss now, but what's the outlook going forward?
  2. JuJu too busy cranking 90's on Fortnite to be worried about this thread.
  3. He's only started 11 games. He's been in a grease-fire since he was drafted. That being said, he hasn't looked stellar but it's not all his fault.
  4. A competent coach will put him in better positions to succeed, and hopefully get some weapons around him this offseason.
  5. This is too obvious a play for it to work out. 3 catches for 36 yards incoming..... (But he's in my lineup)
  6. That's just what he proposed. It's just sitting in my inbox. You're right, I probably shouldn't have to add that.
  7. Yeah I'd pick up Mo. Rivers feeds TE's and if he trusts him, could be solid rest of season.
  8. Jefferson, higher ceiling. NY Jets are a mess right now.
  9. Dynasty league Superflex (2 QB's starting) Give: Joe Burrow, Kenyan Drake, Future 1st Receive: Lamar Jackson The rosters are huge but I am pretty deep at RB and my current qb's are Cousins, Wentz, and Burrow. Thanks! Leave a link!
  10. "Only had one good week" - It's only week 2. "Had a drop this week" - But caught 9/10. I would take Fant over him too, but he's not looking like a bad option with Dallas' offense going crazy.
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