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  1. I understand that and I agree with it. Just takes fantasy football to a whole new level and next thing you know injuries happen. So you put all this time, research and grind into something that ends up coming down to some luck. You can have the best team every week but luck is huge in fantasy football. I think waiver wire spreads out the talent more. Gives people that dont grind and research as much a chance. For the average fantasy football player, Its easier to read the top waiver wire adds and make your claim, then having to determine what % of FAAB you are going to give to each player. Thi
  2. I like Waiver priority over FAAB. Real life football uses waivers if someone is released. FAAB takes more time, more research, more grind. I like a waiver priority that rotates as you use them and not by each week standings. If that makes sense. Id add Mike Davis, he looked pretty good, Rhule talked him up in training camp. I think he could be a long term play if the Panthers record is horrible. What is the point in bringing CMC back. Tank for Trevor Lawrence and sit CMC for the year. But CMC is the type of player that will want to return. We will see.
  3. Will espn mark him as Out today? Or is it espns day off?
  4. Whos starting? Monday night game. Hes questionable but suppose to play.
  5. I just lost in 2 out of my 3 league on that last drive. Lost by 1pt on the last Barkley 2pt conversion in one of the leagues.
  6. Id pick up Kela, isnt he the closer for the Rangers now. And probably Odorizzi if that is all that is out there. Id keep Kipnis. Hes a veteran on a good team. Is he hurt or something?
  7. Id take Goldy just cause hes so consistent but cant go wrong with Correa as a SS.
  8. I think Trout/ Kuechel is the winner Help with my please http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/699071-need-help-whir/
  9. I like Hedges, young, some upside. Help with mine please http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/699071-need-help-whir/
  10. There isnt much elite starting pitching. I waiting until Sevy to take my 1st pitcher. Once the elite pitchers go off the board some people started reaching for the next few guys like Thor. You can definitely find power later in the draft. I go elite pitching to start. Or take Scherzer and Correa. Help with mine please http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/699071-need-help-whir/
  11. Id do the trade. DJ is good at 2b and Jones is an upgrade over odubel. Closers are a roller coaster. You can find another one later on if you need one.
  12. Pretty good team. Maybe drop Andrelton Simmons for another starting pitcher. Help with mine please
  13. Who do you like better for the season. 10 team H2H league. I got Eric Thames, Corey Dickerson, Carlos Gonzalez, would you drop one of them for Aaron Hicks or Josh Bell. WHIR
  14. My 3 week playoffs start today. Do you drop Durant. My IR has Kevin Love in it. I feel like Durant isnt even hurt and when i drop him, he will be picked up right away. He could be back for the last week of the season which is my finals week. Any suggestions...
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