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  1. BJ is a guy who peaked early in his career. It remains to be seen what happens wth Buxton. Byron was so bad in the first few months that his production right now should be a sign that he has made some adjustments. Can he sustain it? Who knows. Pitchers will start adjusting to the new Buxton and we will see how he responds.
  2. Rhys' run reminds me of Ryan Braun when he first came up. His internal numbers look fantastic. Although most of the results are not sustainable it's fun to watch guys go through stretches like this.
  3. I'm so glad that he is seemingly healthy and pitching well. As the season winds down would it be prudent to sell high now or hold? My concerns are his health and possibility of being shut down early in September.
  4. Excellent article. It's sad to see so many mediocre hitters hitting bombs nowadays.
  5. It's mind boggling how he is doing this. He doesn't throw that hard. I guess when you can throw exactly where you want the balll then it doesn't matter how hard you throw?
  6. I'm still concerned about his command/control, which is usually indicative of a forearm/elbow injury. Given that he is coming off a forearm injury, I'll continue benching him until he turns in a good outing.
  7. Still not in my circle of trust yet but I am using based on match ups.
  8. Glad I started him after his last one. Seems like he has adjusted.
  9. Bench and wait it out. I'm disappointed that he got hurt because he is so dominant when he was healthy but it is just how the cookie crumbles with pitchers. Let's hope that he can stay healthy and get his groove back.
  10. It's frustrating but you have to expect that the first start wouldn't go that well being on the pitch count, rust, and all. The biggest thing will be how he feels today and tomorrow. Velocity and command were there so as long as he is pain free the next few days, I'm ok with what happened yesterday.
  11. Just FYI but Yadi didn't catch him today. Regardless, I agree with you. If he can harness his stuff a bit better, he can be a top 2-3 pitcher on the planet.
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