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  1. You know most prospects never make the Majors and allot of the ones that do allot of them don't do well and only have a short career and end up playing in Mexico and Japan and so and over the last 10 years they have gotten allot better at figuring out what players have a real shot at the Majors and what ones don't. There is a case to be made that the whole minor league system is out of date. So if we get a massively reduced minor league system, and reduced draft moving forward. I would say that would be a good thing in the long run.
  2. It's will not ruin his career. He'll still have allot of value to the Brewers and he'll still be a valueable Fantasy player but all I'm saying is you should expect him to be a Top 10 player anymore
  3. Yalich has a broken kneecap. It will heal in it's time and he'll be fine but you can trust that the knee likely will never be the same and you can trust his skill to run and steal a base once he returns will be gone and the Brewers trust in him trying to steal a base will also be gone. So if you still can get that it's a no brianer now.
  4. Yeah, Make good deals and make them make sense. It's a list to get you thinking and you shouldn't agree with them all, If you did you wouldn't have a brain to think things out and it is a understanding if you find the next big thing you have to drop someone to pick him up and if you don't have someone that you view to be an acceptable drop there someone else can get that player. Bottom line is the longer you hold a prospect there is a price to be paid there Bottom line is it rearly worth holding a player 3 years. It's better to trade even if you make a bad deal or it don't mather if you o
  5. What's your point. They where the last ones they had and they where in there minor league like 30 years ago.
  6. I can admit when I'm wrong and there always can be a few things wrong in there. And that was a small detail I read in a Fantasy article that I remember reading and I'll admit I'm guilty of thinking that the writer of the article did give some effort and it had to be true to some degree. Anyway, I just looked it up and for the record it was 3 times he was called up and his stay was very short each time and it is possible he didn't get enough at bats to get into a grove. But his batting average is low enough to question how much that will play and Houston is a team with so many options
  7. Is there any you disagree with. I can defend any one of them. I know Julio Rodriguez is a big one that every one likes but he's a pure hitter with a high Average and lots of home Runs but he is 3 years away from the majors and he has no speed for Stolen Bases and he plays for a team that has a history of ruining elite hitting prospects one could easily deal him for Heliot Ramos who would give you the same batting average and Home Runs but would give you also Stolen Bases and you would have him a season earlier. Of course you got to know the real value of the player and not under sell him
  8. The BustsRoyce Lewis (SS) Minnesota TwinsHe's a Speed Prospect that has a Some Power and for the speed to play in the majors you got to hit good enough to be on base and I don't think he has proven he can.Forrest Whitley (SP) Houston AstrosThe Talent is there but he has an injury history and a 50-game suspension and His command has never been particularly sharp and scouts from other organizations have been raising questions about his focus and maturity. So there are red flags all over the place here.Michael Kopech (SP) Chicago White SoxGetting a long injury history and is out with Tommy John a
  9. It has nothing to do with Trout. It's a league where you only can keep him twice then you have to trade him or lose your keeper and you got think about what you might get on the back end and what the people your trying to deal too might think. If you trade for him at 30 you have to deal him at 32 and you being dealing with people that will be thinking how much interest will there be at 34 if any at all. Trout might still have allot of value at 34 but try to get someone to gamble on that when he's at 32 and isn't at his peak anymore. You have to gamble to win at Fantasy Sports and yo
  10. Rendon is going to be 30 Next season and his value likely will go down and Betts isn't far behind him. That might be worth taking on value. You could flip Trout and offer Trout, Bregman and Berrios for that Yelich and Lindor and something they have that is an improvement over Berrios and that would set you up good for next year.
  11. Not saying he isn't worth trading for but keep in mind you only would have Trout for 2 years and your going to have to trade him at that time and he'll be 30 and he's going to view as on the downside of his career and it's not going to be easy to get the return that your going to pay for right now. Acuna and Vlad are going to be 24 and in the hart of there prime when your forced to trade them and every team will be lining up to get them and your going to be able to ask for the sun and the moon for them. So I'm just saying you don't give him Acuna and Vlad unless he's willing to give Trout
  12. I would point out that it's the mix of Home Runs and Stolen Bases that make Trout the best player in the league. However teams expect players to stop steeling bases once they reach the age of 30 because Steeling Bases is very hard fast Running to get that base and they see it as too much of an injury risk once they reach the age of 30. So the truth is that Trout run as the best player in the league is almost over and Acuna is the odds on favorite to take that crown. So don't be fooled he's more valueable then Trout in this case and Vlad likely is too. So dealing eather is out of the quest
  13. If that's true hopefull he be less likely to get hit by a pitch every other game and have his career ruined by Wrist injuries.
  14. what are the chances of yahoo not knowing he change his name and they add a Trent Grisham and leaving a Trent Clark in the player poll?
  15. You can only get a bad guess from people if they don't know how many points you get for each stat. However in this case Anderson Major League Numbers this year have been better then Bichette's AAA Numbers that could get worse with him in the majors now. Sure he could get better but I wouldn't expect it right away but it could happen for the talent is there but the smart move would be to stick with what is proven.
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