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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the Cowboys try and move Zeke in the offseason.
  2. Bell still trying to do his dancing Pittsburgh act but with cement blocks on his legs now.
  3. Is there anything Collinsworth can believe?
  4. Exactly. Even watching it live I thought it was dropped, but when Reek got up he had the ball and I was thinking "how the hell did he get the ball??..." Next thing I know there's a punt and a replay lmao.
  5. The funniest part is that it seemed like they rushed the punt.
  6. That's interesting. Hopefully you win by more than four points this week.
  7. This is true for me, but my big money league has a penalty for last place (me) and I've held onto this guy all season. I think Hill is gonna get smoked out very soon, but maybe he keeps Thomas relevant in the process.
  8. Waaaay better than I expected. I thought it was a farce and Winston would come in after the first drive. He's making really good passes, albeit against a terrible defense. ESPN will probably remove his TE status immediately.
  9. Burrow definitely done for the season after seeing that replay
  10. Well that has to be infuriating for Matty Ice owners
  11. That drive went just as expected. Anybody else notice Jameis and Brees having a chat as the game started?
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