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  1. CEH has something to say something about that. 😵😭
  2. I am starting him over (horrible match-ups) CEH and Jacobs...! 😱😱
  3. Ha, until his very last pitch, just hit 98.
  4. Really though... the velocity wasn’t even there. He pretty much topped out at 96. I came away very disappointed after watching it..
  5. How about Spencer Turnbull? Lost a LOT of games last year.. BUT has some good stuff and started off pretty good. This will be just his second full year in the majors.. I know he wasn't a top prospect like Giolito.. but Stranger Things...
  6. All filled up..? Otherwise, I'd love to do it. NO off season!!
  7. Say it ain't so.. I need Paddack this week! 😄
  8. But doesn't he completely lost PT when Vlad comes up..?
  9. Was thinking the same thing... good for someone who wait a LONG time on a 3B. Like me.. 😂
  10. It's funny... last year this time, there were articles/comparisons to Jose Ramirez..
  11. Please help. Would you start newly activated Britton for the week... or one of these other less than stellar options. Matz @ ARI or Gasman vs MIA? H2H points league. Thank you!!
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