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  1. Yup. That is where we differ. I also think he is a JAG but he is on the upper echelons of JAGness which puts him in the territory of an elite talent TE not being used as an elite TE....as in Noah Fant. They are basically the same player when it comes to fantasy relevance at this point in time. With that being said, I don't think it is out of the question to have a JAG be a significant fantasy player. Hell, even Denard Robinson had half a season which was remarkable. Frank Gore is literally the definition of the overachieving JAG Point is, high amount of talent or low amount of talent...
  2. 1. Not disagreeing that he is not a world class talent. Neither have been a lot of great TEs that took on more of a role in their offense, in the red zone, or in critical times of a game. 2. Here is where the rub might be - I think that Hurst is talented enough in an offense that should be creating a **** ton of space where he could be used way more effectively.... 3. Hence....my strange stance.
  3. with all this being said, I am going to probably end up playing this guy, he is going to be featured with two touchdowns and he is going to be the hero of my week despite me [...] on him.
  4. amazing...look up first principles thinking. not Koetter but, hell, that is not just Koetter, 95% of the leagues coaches suffer from a lack of understanding the game versus copying plays. that is why you keep seeing the same coaches always excelling while others go around the coaching carousel. or, that is why you see assistant after assistant from the BB coaching tree flop. strange that other teams can feature a TE despite all the talent on their team....ATL is a dog's breakfast.
  5. “Use” versus “feature”. I have been using the term “feature”. I feel like Fant and Hurst are worth featuring but they aren’t cause the org can’t do it. Koetter is a play stealer / copier. Guy is a joke. Any success he has had is cause someone blazed the trail for him.
  6. Coaches aren’t the organization? Tell that to BB. Tell that to O’Brien. You are really stretching here by changing definitions. You bored with this conversation yet?
  7. Dude....coaches are the organization. That is what I'm saying. Argument holds a lot of water. Hooper had two to three **** years before last year. Look at him this year. The reason Hooper had a good season last year was that they finally USED Hooper as a featured pass catcher. Hooper vs. Hurst when it comes to physical skills or football prowess is a mute point, probably about even.
  8. ^my list above might have a stretch or two...like Dallas Clark. At least Clark got a TD here and there.
  9. Disagree. Perhaps pointing out two teams that had HoF QB-TE combos was a bit absurd but the reality is that there has been a lot of great success when teams actually know how to use the TE position. Witten - not that amazing physically but always a great play and featured. Graham - now we are getting into more gifted TEs...he was featured. Greg Olsen...always featured. Dallas Clark.....always featured. Ben ******** Coates...featured. Heath Miller....featured... As I said, the Falcons absolutely suck at featuring the TE. Hurst's ceiling is 14 points when he gets a TD and his average
  10. Atlanta is a hack org. Hack coaches that built their resume taking plays from other coaches. Not one iota of creativity. I’d say the org is not good when it comes to featuring a TE. before we do the too many mouths to feed argument - look at KC. Look at NE of past.
  11. Hooper had one season with some relative success and this ain’t the Tony Gonzalez Falcons, lol, that’s a real stretch man. I think you are suffering from a bit of confirmation bias, or long term memory loss. it’s been a decent year and my comments might be out of line however I don’t see it yet.
  12. IMO, Fant is a wildcard in dynasty. That is tough to say when the talent is so good. Hopefully, he can get out of that system and play for an organization that will use him. Then again, what teams are featuring TE nowadays? KC, SF....that is really about it. NE would be a great landing spot for a good TE.
  13. Not so sure of that. Looked like he had a strong and accurate arm. He just so happened to have great speed too, when needed. Seems like a good pickup for dynasty.
  14. True. I guess when you think about it. Jamo throws an interception. Other team gets 3 to 7 points. Jamo throws the ball more to catch up. Gets a TD or not. Throws another INT eventually, falls behind....throws more to catch up.
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